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Welcome visitors! Please write something to us know you more :D…  like your country, when and how did you know Min Ah … anything!


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  1. Hello!!! Me acabo de dar una vuelta por el blog y me parece magnifico, muy completo, felicidades!!!!! Un saludo muy grande.

    • hey shin min ah…..
      i like you so muuuuuuuccch an you act in MGIG :))))
      come come to indonesiaa ,,,,,,,,,,,,saranghae….

  2. Hello hello shaylaman anace and lipos!
    thanks for putting up this blog!
    finally an SMA international blog!
    been waiting for this eversince ive been an sma fans!

    Good luck and Godbless with your blog! ^^
    will visit here VERY often

  3. hola! , me encanta el blog , me parece que es el primero en ingles -español estoy muy emocionada , adoro a shin min ah y siempre para enterarme de sus noticias leia los blogs en ingles y muchas veces no entendia bien (me ingles es algo malo) , pero ahora estoy muy alegre de encontrar personas que nos ayuden a enterarnos sobre Minah , estoy esperando con muchas ganas el material de minah en Japon espero que muchas fans recolecten una buena informacion :).

  4. hey there ANACE, LIPOS & SHAYLAMAN I totally love this blog… guys have done an AWESOME job & I love the layout & I love to see lots of pics !!

  5. anace, lipos, shaylaman….Thanks so much for this nice MInah blog! I can say there’s that Minah feel in here. I’m a long time Minah fan and I’m happy there’s a blog where her international fans can meet. Your efforts are much appreciated.

    • Dearest Shin mina gall-Baki thank so much for stopping by and have read our email. Please inform any news on Minah to us because we love Shin Min Ah a lot and we love DC Shin Mina Gall. You read our email so fast and as promise we will contribute more on the birthday tribute for Minah next year. Minah is on the plane to Japan now we hope Minah is safe and hope your project organization will be successful. Thanks again Baki 🙂

  6. You really did a great job. Thumbs up :DD

    I am a big fan of Shin Min Ah so it’s a big relief that there’s a blog in which always updated news related to her.

    Continue your work 🙂

    God Bless. AJA!

  7. Thq for creat this blog. .
    So,,, i can know all about my fav actress Shin Min Ah. .
    Thq for u who share information about her. .
    Thq for her ( Shin Min AH ) for her work job and make me love her again and again. .
    Thq for her warmly smile. . Thq being inspiration on my life. .
    Nomu nomu nomu chua Oennie !!!
    ^_^ d

  8. Nomu nomu nomu chua Oennie

    I love her so so so so much, I wouldn’t imagine I love a actress that way. Hope to see her in real. Anyway by visiting this website will make me feel warmer and closer to her.

    Thanks all of your good job here.

  9. Kamsahamnida for your hard work . .
    you share all about my fav actress. .
    hope you will share about Shin Min Ah to me and her another fans
    in this blog. . again. .again. .again. .and again. .

    Nomu nomu nomu nomu chua this blog !!!

    Nomu nomu nomu nomu chua Shin Min Ah !!!
    ^_^ d

  10. thank you for making this blog.
    i really love shin min ah since i watched MGIG. Can you make the newest video with eng sub ?
    Gamsahamnida ! this blog is really helpfull 😀

  11. Exelente dorama es el mas romantico q he visto me gusto muxoo siempre he preferido el drama si terminaba como la sirenita ubiese sido el mejor

  12. Thank you for doing this blog but do you know any site that can update me everday about SMA? Like a daily news? HAHA. :)) By the way, does SMA still use her me2day account? Hope someone answers my question. Thank you. 🙂

  13. i hope shin min ah visits her fans here in the philippines .. there are so many fans here hoping that she can visit the philippines …

  14. Hello everyone.
    I’m from Philippines and I love ShinMinA-ssi after watching the korean drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
    I really admire her because of her outstanding beauty.
    I would like to thank this website for a lot of infomation about ShinMinA-ssi.
    More power and keep it up.!!!

  15. Hi MS. SHIN MI NAH 😀 IM ONLY 14 yrs old.. I’m 1 of ur fan here in PHILIPPINES..I really like ur drama MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO.. I hope that u can make a fansign for me… im looking forward also that u will visit our country.. DANU DIKA DOMU, NOMU, NOMU, NOMU, NOMU, NOMU, NOMU, CHU AH MIHO… :DD hoi hoi!:DD

  16. hi everyone i’m from Philippines and one of Shin Min Ah fans.. I am really amazed by her beauty.After watching her drama My GF is Gumiho i started to collect pictures and even download her songs 🙂 And I think that was the result of being addicted to her beauty … i am also started to watch her other dramas and even the strong heart … hahaha even her lines in my GF is Gumiho was my ringtone…HMMMmmmm I love you Shin Min Ah you are the only one who make me feel like this… you made me crazy in whatever i do . I Hope someday we will meet each other… and I really want to know more about you….saranghe…

    i just hope u read this post of mine… 🙂 take care always… i and your other fans are always here to support you… AJA fighting !!!! 🙂 stay humble and always smile 🙂

  17. 안녕하세요, 그 날 jashmin.i는 nepal.i부터 당신의 팬이예요 당신의 드라마 “내 여자 친구가 당신의 드라마처럼 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말 gumiho.i입니다 좋아했다. 난 당신의 팬이 될 수 있습니다.

  18. hi everyone i’m from Philippines and one of Shin Min Ah fans.. I am really amazed by her beauty.After watching her drama My GF is Gumiho i started to collect pictures and even download her songs 🙂 And I think that was the result of being addicted to her beauty .

    we are so happy when we find this site because we are a big fan of SHIN MIN AH :))

    Love yOu aLL , especiaLLy to SHIN MIN AH

  19. i want to say thank you so much for creating this blog for Mina,i am a big fan of her and im grateful that this blog was created for her fans, Shin MinA sshi i wish you all the happiness and more success in your life and career always be healthy and stay as sweet, nice and beautiful person as you are really my inspiration…you guys are amazing thank you so much!!! im sure i will definitely visit this blog always.

  20. hi shin minah.. im one of your so many fans here in the philippines..

    we all hope at pray that you can visit us here in the philippines..

    take care always …

  21. 민아언니 항상 응원해요 ^^ 해외팬들도 언니 응원하니까 너무 좋네요 ㅎㅎ 항상 파이팅!

  22. this blog is great … this site is linked to shin min ah official website … i want to ask the creator of this blog if they were koreans?

  23. Hello 🙂 SMA internationalfans thank you very much for doing a blog site of Shin Mina unnie :)) ♥♥♥ . I will always visit this site so I can be updated to her. :)).

    Shin Mina sshi please do visit us here in the Philippines. We will be glad if you visit here.:)) Keep smile in your face (and your cute dimple) :). ALways take care.Godbless. More movies and CF :))

    Im your fan here in the Philippines.

  24. Hi Blog,

    I’m currently watching ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’. The drama is just great. Some how i google and found your blog. Shin Min Ah is a great actress and i love her. I live in Australia

  25. Annyeong.. :))

    Im from the philippines, Shin Min ah Fan
    thanks for supporting her.. I’ll continue admiring her and I also watched her dramas and movies like what you did.. She’s very lovely and adorable as always.. :)) Give us always an update of her.. thank you. God Bless. :bd =)

    with lots of L♥ve..

  26. Hello..I wanted to vote for shin min ah but I don’t understand korean language.Please help me translate the instructions so that my vote will be counted.Thank you

  27. Shin Min Ah. ❤ i have been studying Korean language after watching My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho ^_^ i like you so much!! sarang hae ❤ kamsahamnida~! ^_^

  28. I visited already the site where i have to vote for her but like others can’t understand the language… can somebody post the direct link where i can directly post my vote for her…. more shows and commercials for her….

  29. hi guys, i have voted for shin min ah noona edi. erm u have prob? just open the link, and choose the number 12… there are several number, choose number 12 and she is on the 3rd place. u click the “tick” beside her percentages and then u have already voted 🙂 now i wanna ask. i dunno where to post this but,. does anyone knows how i can get gumiho’s theme for my sony ericson k530i? i cant find it. 😦 i love gumiho noooona so so so so so so so so so much* shoot *shoot *shoot loooooooool

  30. can u please post me the facebook link here so i can go directly to the CORRECT link… thanks! and is it possible to help me in searching for min ah’s phone theme for Sony Ericson k530i?thanks again. i can’t seem to find it 😦

  31. miss shin min ah.. pls go here in the philippines.. =) if youll go here.. i will go in your venue.. =) im so obsessed w/ u. =) cause of your natural acting ability.. ur smile its just so captivating… i pray to god to forget you.. but its just you influence me when i watch GUMIHO . every night i watch it in youtube.. hope you could reply ill appreciate it very much,, im so addicted to you SHIN MIN AH. saranghae min ah..

  32. hi…just wanna say thanks for updating us always… 🙂
    and by the way, i want to ask too, where can I download the full OST of MGIAG?thanks!

  33. HELOOO!!!



    • Hola patyy bienvenida!!
      Nos alegra tener super fans latinas por aqui, como veras no somos muchas… pero sabemos que hay mas por ahi que aun no se presentan jeje. Por cierto, de donde eres?
      Nos puedes seguir por las redes sociales o por aqui tambien. Esperamos que cuando hagamos un fans project para nuestra querida unnie puedas participar…. ah! y eso de registrarte? pues aun nos falta algunos cambios… comenta nomas (trataremos de seguir traduciendo algunos post al español) y te tendremos en cuenta jijii, cuidate!

  34. hi…Im so happy that you’re active on this page..and im thankful that we have a source for our fanpages…we do give credits… 🙂 I just wanted to ask if Shin Min Ah allows fans to send gifts for her, and if she does, do we have an address on to where we can send them..? I wanted something to send to her as her avid fan…thanks a million!!

  35. hi!! Im here again to ask something.. Please bare with me.. ^^ Im just wondering if you happen to have the full tracklist of the OST of MGIAG? or a link as to where I can find them… thanks and more power!! 🙂

  36. hi……..Indonesia nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu.nomu. loves you too ^^

  37. hi…im indonesian.
    and i really really love min ah..
    you are my idol! haha 😉

    and thankful for this blog and good luck! 😉

    Love Min ah Love..
    i hope Min Ah will get to visit Indonesia,,
    i’m waitng for you..haha

  38. Hello! I love Shin Min Ah. I know her from kdrama ” my girlfriend is a gumiho” . I love her smile. Go Go Go shin min ah!!!

  39. Hi ! I Really love Shin Min Ah!! When I first saw her in her movie ” my girlfriend is a gumiho” I was amazed by her acting skills!! and the way she smile, she is so cute!!!! I’m Your Biggest Fan here in the Philippines!! Hope you’ll have another movie! Go Idol!!…

  40. i have a recommendation~ everytime i click into a new page, the song will be played.i suggest the song will be only played at home page,or it is a little disturbing when interviewing pages like videos inside
    Ps:i like the song,it is always wonderful 🙂

  41. I’m from Canada.

    A friend of mine introduced me to the series “My Girlfriend is a “Nine-Tailed Fox.”

    I love how the drama-comedy-love story unfolded. Praise to Ms. Ho Sister for such a wonderful character, and to the cast who did a fantastic job (specially Ms. Min Ah), and superb OST list, everything is simply perfect.

    Upon researching for Ms. Min Ah’s information on the web, I came across this website. And I’m so glad I did. Because I was able to learn more about Ms. Min Ah’s success, movies, dramas and achievements, just to name a few. This is the site where I found out that Ms. Min Ah is not only a successful actress but is also a successful model and a great singer too.

    Thank you to all the people behind this website. Please keep up the good work. May God bless you and your good office!

  42. Hi,

    Good day!

    I want to ask for your help. Does anybody know where I can get English subtitles for episodes 37 and 38 of the Korean Show “Strong Heart?” I’m pretty sure that you’re very much familiar on what I’m taking about.

    I’ve searched everywhere and I believe I have exhausted all possible resources that I can think of but I’m still unable to find what I’m looking for. All sites that used to have them decided to remove the files or were probably forced to remove them due to copyright issues. Youtube has some parts of those episodes but are not complete.

    So I ended up having the next best thing… a friend of mine lent me a DVD copy that includes the said episodes. But the copy don’t have English subtitles. Maybe there are angels out there somewhere that would be kind enough to assist me with my present predicament.

    I’m hoping that I won’t have to end up using my last resort… which is to create my own English subtitle (which are .srt files). To painstakingly do this, I would need my Korean friends to translate everything for me.

    Thanks for the time and hopefully I’ll be able to get a reply.

    • Edwin Tristan P. dela Cruz!!!!hoyi hoyi
      Actually,my english teacher is a canadian,a very handsome man。but i’m so sad i always escape his class。that’s why my english so poor%>__<%

      • Hello 慜娥,

        I hope you’re having a great day!

        You’re English is not bad. In fact we are able to communicate without any problems.

        Btw, I’ve accepted your friend request in Facebook. Thanks for adding me to your list of friends. I really appreciate it.

        Take care always! ; )

  43. Hi Shin Min Ah,
    Just wanted to say the work you did on M.G.I.G. was excellent. You created a great character that was really easy to identify with. My wife just got this series in the U.S. and we love it, but have 3 episodes left so don’t know what happened at the end yet. I’ve been routing for you the whole time! Keep up the great work! If you’re have as nice as your character you are truly a good person.

  44. Hello Shin Min Ah;
    First i would like express my admiration to you. The first time i saw you You’re not only have a natural beauty, but also you are a very talented artist with good character, and you always give your 100% effort to your work. I’ve watched the SBS Strong Heart episode 37 & 38 when Shin Min Ah appeared in the variety show. The thing that amazed me is that Shin Min Ah has strong charisma, you have inspired Seul Ong (2AM) to reach his dream. You have the power to give positive influence. You also inspired me in the same way.
    I do hope in the future you may share your experience and your life-values in the books. I will also look forward that you involve your fans in various social activities.
    Keep up the good work!!! Please surprise me again and again with your amazing works!!!

    a big fan from Indonesia

  45. absolutely I agree with Alfian F
    Please come to Indonesia like Super Junior, BoA, Jang Na Ra, Yoon Eun Hye, and exactly your mate in The Devil JO JI HOON

    hug from Indonesia!

  46. hay keep up gd work and also thanks for creating this web site hope you do use this site well i have watched many of your english subtitle movies even thought i don speak koren but i m trying to learn koren atm well i hope to see you in london godbless

  47. I want to thank Ms Shin for her wonderful work in “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho”!She is an absolute delight. I was stationed in Korea back in the 1960’s, and every now and then I understand some of the Korean I learned back then.Once again, this “grandfather” wants to thank Ms. Shin for her entertaining TV show.Thanks, too to Netflix for carrying it.

  48. Hello Ms. Shin Min Ah,

    This is Ali Karaca and from Turkey. I am a PhD student in USA. I wanted to tell something. I know you are so success and famous actress, model, and singer not just in Korea but also around the world. When you look at the whole picture of Turkey and Korea’s relationship as you know that all the people are telling two countries sibling countries because of the mutual helping during the war and natural disasters and YES WE REALLY ARE. But unfortunately, when you consider our relationship, two countries’s people don’t know each other very well. For instance, last year, 123,000 korean turist visited to Turkey and Turkish tourists don’t have a different story. Looking from this perspective, why don’t you make any of your project in Turkey in order to contribute and improve Turkey and Korea’s relationship. I don’t know if you have been in Turkey or not but i am sure you are going to have a lot of fun and see beautiful places for sure. People are also so hospitable and welcoming…

    Best Regards,

  49. love her so much… like her latest drama “Arang” get well soon i’ve read she’s in the hospital because of her asthma….

  50. Hello SMA internationalfans ^^, I’m a newbie, nice to meet you .glad to see onni get well soon. are there any news ’bout onni’s new agency ??

  51. I love Shin Min Ah onni’s personality: gentle, elegant …. and so cute smile ^^ I wished I had a friend like that but I’m one of her fans. So we can love ^___^ and read.. read…read ~___~ news . So glad to see your website ^^

  52. hi.. i just want to ask about come to play video links.. is it still working.. coz ive been looking everywhere for that ep.. thanks..
    Btw.. i love this blog.. thanks for creating it.. ;]

  53. Hello Chingus..

    Im planning to visit korea next year and i want to give something to Shin Min Ah may i know where is her new address… i already save it before but my computer crushed and i lost all my files… :((

    hope you will help me.. I really really want to see her in person… (praying hard it will happen)

    special shout out to all my chingus in soompi: kay.z, eilasa, shaylaman, lipos, ilovesnowhite


  54. Hello I really really miss shin min ah. someday I would have to see her,although that’s impossible :”)
    shin min ah would come to Indonesia? because my first idol shin min ah ({}).

  55. amazing woman! Pretty — beautiful –of course. Better: never seems to resort to overacting. Rare, esp. In k-drama.

  56. My name is ngân , i live in nha trang city in viet nam. i hope you will come and visit viet nam.In viet nam have fan shin min ah very much on facebook
    shin min ah is my idol number1 . i love min ah very much.see u again

  57. Dear Shin Min-a,

    I am ph.D student from India. I have watched your drama My Girlfriend is Gumiho, I liked it very very very much. Your acting abilities are good and natural. You are very beautiful. I wish to see your more dramas like this. Wish you good luck. Take care. Luv u tons😊

  58. 안녕하세요. 저는 우즈베키스탄 사람입니다. 저는 “내 여자친구 구미호”라는 드라마를 아주 좋아합니다. 저는 정말 신민아를 사랑합니다.

  59. hi
    i’m bobby(25) from indonesia
    looks like MGIG success spreading magic of her smile&cuteness (incl me too 😦 )
    we love to waiting drama like mgig..
    i think she’s have deadliest smile..

    dont get cold sist 🙂

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