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W Magazine ‘The Ladies’ (Interview english translation updated)


Interview to seven ladies, about beauty issues; muses from relevant cosmetic brands. Actress Shin Min Ah x HERA, So Yi Hyun x SHU UEMURA, Han Ji Hye x AVEDA, Kim Tae Hee x O HUI, Choi Ji Woo x SHISEIDO, Kim Hee Ae x SK – II, and singer Boa x MISSHA.

Shin Mina X HERA

<W-KOREA> The lovely Shin Mina is unwittingly 30 years old, how’s the mood in ushering in age 30?

Really, mood has been very fantastic all along end of last year. The year 2012, compared to before, I learned a lot, and also received a lot. The thought of twenties ending, feels like such a pity, but on the other hand, also lots of expectations and looking forward to the future. Starting thirties, I want to try more things that I have not experienced before. As an actor, I also want to show every one a more mature appearance.

Shin Mina beauty and style in one, what’s the secret?

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Shin Min Ah shows off her mysterious charm for ‘W Korea’

Actress Shin Min Ah has graced the September cover of ‘W Korea‘ magazine.

Shin Min Ah, who recently became the new model for cosmetics line ‘Hera‘ by Amore Pacific, showed off an elegant look that was both mysterious and alluring.

The concept for this photoshoot was ‘An Actress With A Mysterious Vibe‘, and Shin Min Ah digested this concept well through her cool expressions and chic dresses.

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