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Shin Min Ah for SURE Magazine, April [INTERVIEW]

Today was Shin Min Ah’s photoshoot for Sure magazine, fashion spread and Mise en Scene CF, which took over 10 hours to complete. Quietly observing Shin Min Ah who stood before the camera and wondered how many times her hairstyle, clothes and makeup have to be changed. With the change in a hairstyle, Shin Min Ah was able to grasp quickly and established a good understanding of the styles based on the subtle changes.

At each click of the camera, she had to change poses carefully and accurately every one to two seconds. As such, the Shin Min Ah recorded on film was a Shin Min Ah with a different look. She was very assured in expressing herself, responding correctly and changing poses non-stop. Seeing such a shocking sight, one could only say to oneself “Really professional!”

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