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[Spoiler] ‘Oh My Venus’ Romance begins with a surprise kiss (Hancinema)

On the 6th episode of KBS 2TV’s Monday & Tuesday drama, “Oh My Venus”, Kim Yeong-ho (So Jisub) surprise kissed Kang Joo-eun (Sin Min-ah).

When Kang Joo-eun succeeded in losing 15kg, she wanted to give herself a prize and suggested to celebrate Kang Joo-eun’s day. Kim Yeong-ho reluctantly followed her decision. Kim Yeong-ho went out with her and did all the things she wanted to do: planking, taking a nap, dining out. He regarded these as the punishment she intentionally planned ahead.

Kang Joo-eun finally said, “Kang Joo-eun’s day is not over yet. Let’s have a cup of coffee” and “Since we still have ten minutes left, you have to listen to me. You still haven’t tasted the sweet side of life. How sad it is while everybody say you’ve got the great body”.

Kim Yeong-ho responded, “Do you feel gratified for paying it back for you’ve suffered due to the training by me?” Kang Joo-eun said, “It’s actually a gift from me to you. So you could taste the sweet side of your life. It’s none of my business but you looked exhausted sometimes”. Kim Yeong-ho finally smiled when he realized her true intent.

Kim Yeong-ho grabbed Kang Joo-eun’s coffee and tasted it. He said, “It’s sweet, too sweet”. And then he touched her dimples. Kang Joo-eun reminded herself about the warning from Im Woo-sik (Jeong Kyeo-woon). She said, “Seriously, stop playing” and pushed him away.

Kim Yeong-ho said, “You have no idea. Men want to do something else as well with a woman he wants to play with. Your body is my heart”. And then he opened an umbrella and kissed her.

Source: Hancinema

“Oh My Venus” So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah’s uniform kiss (Hancinema)

So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah kissed wearing uniforms.

On the upcoming episode of the KBS 2TV drama “Oh My Venus” on the 30th, Sin Min-ah and So Ji-subroll around in their uniforms.

The uniform kiss scene was taken in a gym in Goyang on the 25th. Yeong-ho (So Ji-sub) is teaching Joo-eun (Sin Min-ah) how to get rid of stalkers when they end up in an awkward position.

The scene was taken from 2PM in the afternoon to 9PM at night. Sin Min-ah had to wave her arms around as So Ji-sub had pressed her down on the mat with his legs and she even fell on top of So Ji-sub who was already on the mat.

So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah ended up in a position where both their faces were so close their lips almost touched.

The romance between So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah is becoming more intense with every episode and there’s more to come.

The fifth episode of “Oh My Venus” can be seen on the 30th at 10PM.

Source: hancinema

[Spoiler] ‘Oh My Venus’ So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah together, it’s the right recipe for delightful and healing rom-com (Hancinema)

On the first episode of KBS 2TV’s new Monday & Tuesday drama, “Oh My Venus”, Kang Joo-eun (Sin Min-ah) had a trouble on her flight back to Korea from USA after her business trip and Kim Yeong-ho (So Ji-sub), a internationally famous personal trainer saved her life.

Joo-eun’s nickname was Daegu Venus during her school days when she was adored by all the male students. While Joo-eun was out to supervise cigarette smoking by students, she met her first love Im Woo-sik (Jeong Kyeo-woon). Woo-sik told Joo-eun at the time, “Be my first love from now on” and the relationship had been going on for 15 years until the present time.

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Source: Hancinema