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Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah’s “Gyeongju” (HanCinema)

Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah‘s movie “Gyeongju” released previews.

The teaser poster shows Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah standing under the sunlight and feeling spring.Park Hae-il is looking into the far sky and the writing on the poster says, “Can I hold your hand?”

Sin Min-ah‘s elegant poster says, “Can I touch your ear?” which sounds random and odd in a way.

The teaser starts off with Park Hae-il ripping the wallpaper of a café and Sin Min-ah, the owner staring at him dumbfounded.

Hong Yoon-hee (Sin Min-ah) invited Choi Hyeon (Park Hae-il) to a night out and later invited him to her home and said, “I really thought you were a pervert during the day”. When he asked if she still thought so, a strange wave went through them.

He asked her, “Will you show me your hand?” and she asked him, “Can I touch your ear?”

“Gyeongju” is the story of their 2-day vacation in Gyeongju. To be released in May.