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Hyun Bin discharged from the military

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Today, Hyun Bin was discharged from the military! He’s returning after 21 months in the army. We are really happy!

O& Entertainment family it’s already fully reunited now that Hyun Bin has been discharged from ROK Marines. Hyun Bin, Shin Min Ah and O& Entertainment staff are beginning a new stage. We’ll show our unconditional support for them!

Hyun Bin to Set Up His Own Agency With Shin Min Ah

Actor Hyun Bin announced that after he is finished with his military service he will not be joining SM Entertainment but starting a new agency called “O& Entertainment” (Pronounced “O.N. Entertainment).

A representative of Hyun Bin said, “Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah, who were both part of AM Entertainment, will establish their own agency called O& Entertainment.” The two are currently working out the details of this new arrangement.

AM Entertainment merged with SM C&C last September, and while some of its actors were part of the merge, its biggest star Jang Dong Gun will be a free agent on the market when his contract ends in the near future. Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun are known to have a close relationship but the two will work separately when Hyun Bin is released from the military.

Hyun Bin will finish his military service on December 6. With that anticipated date less than a month away, Hyun Bin’s representatives have said that they have begun to receive many offers for movies and dramas.

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Hyeon Bin stands alone with Sin Min-ah Read

It looks like Sin Min-ah and Hyeon Bin are going to be standing under the same roof.

The two were out of FA Market when their contracts with AM Entertainment ended at the same time it merged with SM C&C.

However, it appears that they made plans to establish a new company with Kim the chairman of AM Ent.

Apparently Sin Min-ah is part of this new plan and Hyeon Bin is still serving National Duty but it’s likely that he’s on the same boat.

Chairman Kim is someone who has been supportive of this actor and actress all this while and wasn’t part of the merging. He is taking a break and is getting ready to establish a new managing company.

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Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah to sign with O& Entertainment

It has been announced that Hyun Bin is set to sign with newly established O& Entertainment following his military discharge, alongside former AM Entertainment agency mate Shin Min Ah.

Hyun Bin’s representatives commented, “Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah who previously worked together under AM Entertainment plan to sign and work with [their] new agency O& Entertainment. [Hyun Bin] is currently reviewing the conditions of the new contract.”

Following AM Entertainment’s merger with SM C&C in September, former AM Entertainment actor Jang Dong Gun and other representative Korean actors and actresses signed with SM C&C, while Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah chose to opt out. It turns out the two will once again be working again with an executive who was once under the former AM Entertainment to establish the new company, O& Entertainment.

In other news, Hyun Bin will be discharged from the army on December 6th and is currently receiving requests for upcoming dramas and movies.

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Hyun Bin’s Return in D-30 Sparks Off Speculations On His Managment

With actor Hyun Bin’s return announced to be within a month, speculation is running rampant about his eventual decision about his management company.

Hyun Bin will return on December the 6th after his enlistment to the marine corps on last year’s March. With his expiration of the contract with his management AM Entertainment, the big management companies are planning to capture the biggest fish in the 2012 market. However, the most likely scenario is him establishing his own management with his faithful longtime manager. The article will examine the possible scenarios of the 2012′s most celebrated return to drama industry.

A Standalone Management?

With the merger of AM Entertainment with SM C&C, Hyun Bin is now a free agent in the market. Despite his comrades Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, and Han Ji-min joining the SM C&C, Hyun Bin is not in a hurry to finalize his eventual place. However, a story was leaked that he is planning to establish a company with his comrade Shin Min-ah.

A source in the industry has commented that “Hyun Bin is most likely to establish a management by himself. His father is rumored to also help with his son’s businss”. According to the sources, Hyun Bin’s father is already heavily involved in Hyun Bin’s plans after his discharge, with his Japan-related business. His faithful manager, already on par with the board in his previous company, is also rumored to join Hyun Bin in his management after his contract expires on October.

A representative from Hyun Bin has commented that “we cannot reveal the specifics because we are adjusting the final decision”, but he has confirmed that “we are discussing his plans with his longtime comrades”.

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