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[Permanent Post] Shin Min Ah’s 29th Birthday International FANS PROJECT 2012

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NEW DEADLINE: March 31st

Dear Minah fans we are so happy with your wonderful fanarts that you sent us but also sad that there is only a few… Where are the other Minah fans?… Please if you haven’t yet… new DEADLINE is on  MARCH 31st… Let’s participate minah fans!!!


Hello MinA fans!
Hola a todos los fans de MinA!
It’s almost our princess birthday, just few days because it’s on April 5th!
El cumpleaños de nuestra princesita se acerca, puesto que el 5 de abril ya está ahi ^^
So sorry for haven’t made this post time ago but we’re so busy and just have time to update this blog. Like MinA’s bday is so near, we want to do a little bday project with all of your collaboration… what? just a video-message but with all of our love.

Credit Our Fans Project Video Please!!

We just got notified that our fans project video is taken and is reuploaded at  MINA BAIDU and DC MINA.  To the two that are reuploaded our video please gives us credit.  It’s ok for you to reupload since you really like our video but once again please give proper credit.

Original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3T-SEqQ55c


Credit: https://smainternationalfans.wordpress.com/

Note:  We hope in the future whoever wanted to reposted our works or taken our videos please credit us properly. Thanks!