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Shin Min Ah in Beijing [FANACCOUNT #3] traducido al español

When the PR lady informed us that Minah has already arrived, I saw a car parked outside the revolving doors of the hotel entrance. A group of people alighted; the sturdy bodyguard, stylist unnie and a few employees. Wearing a stripped top, white shorts and roman sandals, Minah appeared in my sight. Without a trace of makeup, fair-skinned, a small face. She saw us through us through the glass doors. Although she was in a simple outfit but it looked like an outfit in street snaps. Entering the hotel, she appeared trendy, poised, and calm, with an aura different from others. To the outside world, she may appear cold and keeps a distance between others but at the same time, she is a warm, cute and innocent girl. The group of people also entered the hotel. Minah carried a beige bag. Probably not expecting to be greeted by fans, she wore a smile throughout, giving off a light and refreshing feeling; unpretentious. In real life, she appeared even younger with her baby face, such that 33’s remark on how she looked like an innocent college student was not an exaggeration.

Cuando la señora PR nos informó que Minah ya habia llegado, vi un coche aparcado fuera de las puertas giratorias de la entrada del hotel. Un grupo de personas bajo del auto, el robusto guardaespaldas, estilista unnie y algunos empleados. Llevando un polo pegado, pantalón blanco y sandalias romanas, Minah apareció ante mis ojos. Sin una gota de maquillaje, de piel blanca, una cara pequeña. Ella nos vio a través de nosotros a través de las puertas de cristal. A pesar de que estaba en un traje sencillo, parecía un traje de pelicula. Al entrar al hotel, ella lucia de moda, serena y tranquila, con un aura diferente de los demás. Para el mundo exterior, puede parecer fría y que se distancia de los demás, pero al mismo tiempo, ella es una chica calida, dulce e inocente. El grupo de personas también entró en el hotel. Minah llevaba una bolsa de color beige. Probablemente no esperaba ser recibida por los fans, ella llevaba una sonrisa en todo, emitiendo una sensación ligera y refrescante, sin pretensiones. En la vida real, ella parecía aún más joven con su cara de niña, como que lo que 33 dijo acerca de que se veía como una inocente estudiante de la universidad no era una exageración. Continue reading

Shin Min Ah wears Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy to various events [Article]

Actress Shin Min Ah (신민아) recently took a two day trip to Beijing, China to attend a promotional activities of Korean cosmetic brand, Sulwhasoo (신민아). The press conference was held on June 22, 2011.

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‘Feeling of after Minah come to Beijing’ [FANACCOUNT #2] UPDATED

Fang is a really lucky fan that made an effort to go to Beijing to see Minah on her trip to China and she could see Minah so close and write all her experience:) … thank you so much fang for your fanaccount… and hope some day we will have the opportunity to meet our princess too! Continue reading

Shin Min Ah’s Beijing Trip [FAN ACCOUNT#1 “TEXT DELETED”]

Eilasa from SMA Soompi : “I have been alerted that there are a number of discrepancies in the fanaccount by chinese fans”

Thanks Eilasa for this information immediately this post is deleted. Only keep the photos, to respect people’s comments

Fanaccount on Weibo by CFqueen has been deleted

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Shin Min Ah Made Her First Visit to Beijing for an Event, Relies on Running to Maintain Figure

Beijing, 22/06/2011

Stepped off plane bare-faced, fans presented flowers.

Korean female star Shin Min Ah who appeared in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, A Love to Kill and many dramas and movies arrived in Beijing to attend an event for a certain Korean brand.

At 11am, bare-faced Shin Min Ah, clad in a white long sleeved striped tee and shorts headed for Park Hyatt from the airport. Although her flight details were kept secret, there were a number of fans who presented her with flowers and gifts, giving her a surprise.

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