Volcano High (2001)


Volcano high school (Korean: 화산고, Hwasango) is a 2001 South Korean martial arts action comedy film in the same vein as Japanese manga Tenjho Tenge. It revolves around a troublemaking high school student named Kim Kyung-soo (portrayed by Jang Hyuk) who finds himself transferred to the last school that will take him, the prestigious Volcano High, an institution whose students display an incredible talent in martial arts, with a few demonstrating even more mysterious psychic powers; most notably Song Hak-rim (portrayed by Kwon Sang-woo). Kyung-Soo is drawn into fights between different clubs, a Manual that is told to hold great power, and a group of teachers that will do whatever possible to keep the students in line.


Un Joven (Jang Hyuk) con poderes muy particulares llega a su ultimo colegio luego de haber sido expulsado de unos cuantos colegios a los que asistió. Esta es su ultima chance, pero no le sera fácil, tendra que enfrentarse a otros chicos del colegio y a unos profesores que convertirán a Volcano High en una pesadilla. Yoo Chae Yi (Shin Min Ah) es la lider del equipo de kendo.

Genre/Género: Action/Fantasie/Martial Arts – Acción/Fantástico/Artes Marciales


Volcano High ~ Shin Min Ah & Cast Interviews, Premiere (2001)

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One thought on “Volcano High (2001)

  1. This is the first time that I saw her appear. I totally was like wow she’s pretty hot and tall for an asian girl. So Volcano High was it for me, became one of my favorite action and then from there I followed everything that she appeared.

    Totally awesome movie. Actually she shot to fame after this.

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