My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)


Cha Dae Woong accidentally releases a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails who was trapped inside of a painting by Grandma Samshin, by drawing 9 tails to the fox painting. The gumiho wanted to be human before but was not able to fulfill the request of finding a husband because a rumor was spread claiming that she eats livers of humans. Dae Woong meets a pretty girl after he wakes up from a life threatening fall not knowing that she is the fox he released. When Dae Woong finds out about what he did, he must try to keep her happy and hide the fact that she is a gumiho from everyone. However, because Dae Woong has gumiho’s Orb that saved his life, he has no choice but to let her stay with him. As the story goes on, the legendary gumiho (later called Miho) wants to be human. Miho is informed by a veterinarian named Park Dong Joo (who is half human) that she must drink his blood to become a human in 100 days while Dae Woong will have to keep her magical fox orb meanwhile. Moreover, Dae Woong will not be able to date anyone else but gumiho within the 100 days. However, Dong Joo doesn’t tell Miho that in 100 days, in order to become human, Dae Woong must die. Trouble brews when Miho and Dae Woong eventually fall in love.


Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) es un chico, aspirante a ser actor de acción, que conoce a una linda chica, Gu Mi Ho, (Shin Min Ah) en extrañas circunstancias. La muchacha es en realidad una Gumiho, una zorra de nueve colas, cuya leyenda cuenta, que se come el hígado de los humanos. Cuando él descubre que ella es una gumiho, se guía de la leyenda y termina haciendo locuras para prevenir que la chica se coma su hígado. Pero a medida que va transcurriendo la historia DaeWoong va descubriendo sentimientos por Gu Mi Ho, quien resulta ser todo lo contrario a la leyenda contada… y es una dulce gumiho que se robará el corazón de todos.

Genre:  Rom-Com


11 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

  1. oh….you are so beautyfull and cute.
    i never like drama and movie about love before.i only like movie that contain about war,technology,etc.
    but when i watch your movie “my girl friend is a gumiho” it can make me feel sad…you know…sad,almost cried.
    your movie can touch my heart…it’s very very good movie.i hope you always become a plain character in your movie.
    please sorry me if i make a wrong word,i am a beginner in english but i realy want to write some word for you.oh…if you willing please send me some email or your new photo to or i realy realy wait it.thanks before

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