Shin Min Ah Bonamana (신민아 미인아)  [Fan MV]

minah bday.

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32 thoughts on “Creations

  1. wish to see you u shi min ah here in our country(the land of the rising sun-philippines).you had a lot of fans here…

  2. Hey shin min ah fans, I’ve just become a really HUGE fan of our shinning gumiho, but have a question. In the LG advert they play “Putting on the Ritz” however i can’t find the exact version, could someone help me find it.
    Thanks xx

  3. ne,, we demand a new movie or drama more,, im from philippines we really like shin min-a we idolized you very much,, hope you visit Philippines,,

  4. ** NoMu NoMu NoMu CHUA … YanG Min Ah =)) LoVe MoRe …. Ur So Pretty … ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm So Addicted To You … LOVe LOVE LOVE =))
    –DiNE DiNE FAYO (Philipines)

  5. Her face is attractive like a diamand , her dimple is so cute , her body is killer ,her smile melt men heart and she is very very good in acting who would not love a girl like her by z way mina u have so many fan in ethiopa please viste us we want 2 see u in person .nomo nomo sarange mina more power 4 u and ur new drama arang i love love love love love u u u u u

  6. Shin Minah is como siempre es muy beatiful y carismática woman. Her siempre me alegra el día. Es una de mis modelos coreanas favoritas.

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