[Fans Project 2012] List of Donors + news (updated on 120522)


What happened with you guys?. Its a fans project for uri princess…its a way to support her… Really hope you will support her, she really needs us!!!!!!!!

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Shin Min Ah, a mixture of emotions

Mina is a mixture of emotions. Her incredible personality made us admire her more and more, like an actress and a real person. Every of her works show more of her beautiful essence; a shy person becoming in front of the camera a extremely uninhibited and amusing person on her character’s shoes. She can show a mix of emotions in every drama, CFs or movie… here you are just a show of this…

Volcano High (Movie 2001)

Beautiful Days (Drama 2001)

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[Permanent Post] Shin Min Ah’s 29th Birthday International FANS PROJECT 2012

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NEW DEADLINE: March 31st

Dear Minah fans we are so happy with your wonderful fanarts that you sent us but also sad that there is only a few… Where are the other Minah fans?… Please if you haven’t yet… new DEADLINE is on  MARCH 31st… Let’s participate minah fans!!!


Hello MinA fans!
Hola a todos los fans de MinA!
It’s almost our princess birthday, just few days because it’s on April 5th!
El cumpleaños de nuestra princesita se acerca, puesto que el 5 de abril ya está ahi ^^
So sorry for haven’t made this post time ago but we’re so busy and just have time to update this blog. Like MinA’s bday is so near, we want to do a little bday project with all of your collaboration… what? just a video-message but with all of our love.