KBS Drama Awards 2015 Winners

KBS Drama Awards 2015 winners’ list

Grand Prize (Daesang):
Ko Doo-sim (‘All About My Mom‘), Kim Soo-hyeon-I (“Producers)

Top Excellence Award
So Ji-sub (“Oh My Venus”)
Chae Si-ra (“Unkind Women”)

Excellence Award, Full-Length Drama
Kim Tae-woo (“Jing Bi-rok”), Kim Kap-soo (‘All About My Mom‘)
Yoo Jin (‘All About My Mom‘)

Excellence Award, Medium-Length Drama
Jang Hyeok (“The Merchant: Gaekju 2015”)
Kim Min-jeong (“The Merchant: Gaekju 2015”)

Excellence Award, Miniseries
Cha Tae-hyeon (“Producers”)
Sin Min-ah (“Oh My Venus”)

Excellence Award, Daily Drama
Im Ho (“Shine Like the Stars”), Kwak Si-yang (“Everything Will Be Alright”)
Han Chae-ah (“Only You My Love”), Kang Byeol (“Protect the Family”)

Supporting Actors Award
Kim Gyoo-cheol (“Jing Bi-rok”, “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015”), Park Bo-geom (“Remember You”)
Kim Seo-hyeong (“Assembly”)’, Eom Hyeon-kyeong (‘Blue Bird Nest‘, “Everything Will Be Alright”)

Newcomer Award
Yeo Jin-goo (‘Orange Marmalade‘)
Chae Soo-bin (‘Blue Bird Nest‘, ‘Cheeky Go Go‘), Kim So-hyeon-I (‘Who Are You – School 2015‘)

Youth Actor Award
Choi Kwon-soo (‘Drama Special – The Brothers’ Summer)
Kim Hyang-ki (“Snowy Road”)

One-act Play Award
Bong Tae-gyu (‘Drama Special – Trains don’t stop at Noryangjin station‘)
Kim Yeong-ok (“Snowy Road”), Lee Ha-na (‘Drama Special – Fake Family‘)

Writer Award
Kim In-yeong (“Unkind Women”)

Netizens’ Award
Kim Soo-hyeon-I (“Producers”), Kim So-hyeon-I (‘Who Are You – School 2015‘)

Best Couple Award
Jang Hyeok · Han Chae-ah (“The Merchant: Gaekju 2015”)
So Ji-sub · Sin Min-ah (“Oh My Venus”)
Kim Soo-hyeon-I · Kong Hyo-jin · Cha Tae-hyeon (“Producers”)
Yook Seong-jae · Kim So-hyeon-I (‘Who Are You – School 2015‘)

Three Networks Producers’ Award
Kim Hye-ja (“Unkind Women”)

Popularity Award
Park Bo-geom (“Remember You”), Nam Joo-hyeok (‘Who Are You – School 2015‘)
Seolhyun (‘Orange Marmalade‘), Jo Bo-ah (‘All About My Mom‘)

Source: hancinema.net

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