“Oh My Venus” So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah’s uniform kiss (Hancinema)

So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah kissed wearing uniforms.

On the upcoming episode of the KBS 2TV drama “Oh My Venus” on the 30th, Sin Min-ah and So Ji-subroll around in their uniforms.

The uniform kiss scene was taken in a gym in Goyang on the 25th. Yeong-ho (So Ji-sub) is teaching Joo-eun (Sin Min-ah) how to get rid of stalkers when they end up in an awkward position.

The scene was taken from 2PM in the afternoon to 9PM at night. Sin Min-ah had to wave her arms around as So Ji-sub had pressed her down on the mat with his legs and she even fell on top of So Ji-sub who was already on the mat.

So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah ended up in a position where both their faces were so close their lips almost touched.

The romance between So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah is becoming more intense with every episode and there’s more to come.

The fifth episode of “Oh My Venus” can be seen on the 30th at 10PM.

Source: hancinema


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