W Magazine ‘The Ladies’ (Interview english translation updated)


Interview to seven ladies, about beauty issues; muses from relevant cosmetic brands. Actress Shin Min Ah x HERA, So Yi Hyun x SHU UEMURA, Han Ji Hye x AVEDA, Kim Tae Hee x O HUI, Choi Ji Woo x SHISEIDO, Kim Hee Ae x SK – II, and singer Boa x MISSHA.

Shin Mina X HERA

<W-KOREA> The lovely Shin Mina is unwittingly 30 years old, how’s the mood in ushering in age 30?

Really, mood has been very fantastic all along end of last year. The year 2012, compared to before, I learned a lot, and also received a lot. The thought of twenties ending, feels like such a pity, but on the other hand, also lots of expectations and looking forward to the future. Starting thirties, I want to try more things that I have not experienced before. As an actor, I also want to show every one a more mature appearance.

Shin Mina beauty and style in one, what’s the secret?

I have never felt that I am special, on the contrary a bit ordinary? There are also many people who are taller, better figure than me, maybe it’s because I debuted as a model when I was young, so every one thinks that I’m very fashionable. After starting cosmetics endorsements, the image of beauty was then produced. As an actress, being able to possess a variety of images is a matter worthy of being thankful for.

As the spokesperson for HERA, I heard in real life you also like to use HERA products. Does Shin Mina have any recommended products?

My favourite product is UV Mist Cushion, often put it in my makeup bag, it’s also very good to use when retouching makeup, the sunscreen effect is also very good. When in a rush, I only use this as a makeup base and go out.
And Rouge Holic lipstick, even without makeup, as long as there is this lipstick, it would make me feel very reassured.

For the sake of health or skin, what are must-eat foods?

Because of consecutive days of shooting, skin will surely have small problems. Because my skin is sensitive skin, irregular pace in living, change in diet or environment will all very easily give rise to allergic reactions. Although I’m not a picky eater, but the best is of course “Mom’s food”. It’s true that eating more fruits is good, but when our family eat strongly sour fruits, will very easily have diarrhea, so I often supplement with vitamin tablets.

I’ve noticed a message you left in Cyworld before, impression you really like to read books, reading what book recently?

Reading taste has differed slightly, in the recent 1~2 years I like detective novels. During long-haul flights, book that I’ve brought if I read it too fast, often feel such a pity. Now the book I’m in the process of reading is Falun Monk <New 100 Years>. After listening to your question, I feel that recently time spent reading books has reduced a lot, I’ve been a bit lazy, (your question) allow me to reflect.

30 years old, has the colours belonging to Shin Mina been found?

I want to become not (one who is) outwardly revealing, but a person with a variety of colours intrinsically.  I’m not an extroverted person, and not used to taking the initiative to express myself, to choose a color, should be colourless don’t you think?


  • English translation by coffeelady@soompi
  • Based on 畅游的鱼x translations from Mina Baidu

Source: style.co.kr


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