Shin Min Ah ‘@Star1’ Magazine October issue (Updated)

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#Shin Min Ah makes reckless remarks: “I’m getting old” (Source: TV Report ; Credit:

Actress Shin Min Ah recently talked about what she does to stay in shape and have baby face.

Star lifestyle magazine @star1 took a pictorial of Shin and interviewed her. Shin said, “Going on a diet is essential. I gained a lot of weight because I wear puffy hanboks while shooting Arang and the Magistrate. I’m worried about the day that I have to take off hanboks.”

“I enjoy eating very much. I go on a diet and exercise a lot when I have to shoot a TV series or movies but I gain weight while shooting them. I can tell that I’m getting old these days. It feels a lot harder to shoot the series than  in the past.”

“I don’t have a special way to take care of myself. If I have to say one, I’m very positive. I laugh a lot and I think that makes me look more energetic.”

In the October issue of the magazine, which will be published on October 21, Shin will talk about the behind the scene of her series and her plans for her future.

#Shin Min Ah talks about the perils of being an actress (Source: TV Report; Credit:

Actress Shin Min Ah recently talked about how hard it can be to be an actress.

Shin took a pictorial for the magazine @star1 and gave an interview after the photo shoot. She talked about difficulties in working as an entertainer.

She said, “People are prejudiced against actresses and have misunderstandings.”

“Actresses are often criticized by many people. I know that I can’t help it and I have to deal with it, but a bias against actresses is one sided and too negative.”

“I get hurt easily. Whenever I see malicious comments, I feel sad.”

Shin, however, also talked about moments when she feels happy to be an actress. She said, “When people feel happy because of my work or me, I feel happy too. As an actress, I’m happy when people love my work or my character.”

Shin’s pictorial and interview, in which Shin talked the behind the scene of her series Arang and the Magistrate, will be published through the November issue of the magazine on October 20.

#Shin Min Ah Talks About Lee Jun Ki and Lee Seung Gi (Credit: Soompi news)

In her interview with Style Magazine (@Star1), Shin Min Ah compared “My Girl Friend is Nine Tailed’s” Lee Seung Gi to “Arang and the Magistrate’s” Lee Jun Ki. She said, “Both actors are very nice and good actors. I didn’t find any issue regarding age differences with the two actors.”

Shin Min Ah said because Lee Seung Gi called her by the character’s name Mi Ho, she sometimes forgot that Lee Seung Gi was actually younger than her. On the other hand, Lee Jun Ki is older in real life that she called him “Jun Ki oppa (brother).”

Shin Min Ah continued, “In the past wherever I went I was the youngest. Now I see so many young people. I feel old. However, I felt comfortable around Lee Jun Ki because he is actually older than I am. Both men are good actors and very energetic. They make everyone smile.”

She also added that, “Filming a drama requires a lot of energy. I usually get tired quickly but both actors supported me in many ways. They both are good people. I thank them.”

Shin Min Ah ‘@Star1′ Magazine October issue ~ Photo shoot

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  1. Because onnie’s heart is young and energic, onnie is still young and beautiful…enthusiastic ^^. Onnie’s works is atractive! Love onnie ^^

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