‘Arang’ Shin Min A Suffered During Filming Because of Asthma, “Even Speaking Lines Was Difficult”

Shin Min A decided to rest for the time being because of asthma.

On 18th Oct, MBC drama Arang and the Magistrate finished filming, Shin Min A decided to accept treatment and rest for the time being.

Shin Min A’s spokesperson expressed via phone conversation with Newsen, “Shin Min A’s health condition is not very good now. Her body strength decreased during filming; did not see any improvement in asthma and suffered a lot. The hospital advised her to rest.”

The spokesperson also said “There was a lot of dust at the filming set, Mina was unable to rest well, so her asthma worsened. She worried for two months and was unable to speak later on; speaking lines was very difficult. She received injections at the hospital and took medication, but her condition failed to improve. The most important thing now is for her to recover.”

Shin Min A portrayed a ghost who lost her memory in the drama, with wire rope and action scenes and received good feedback for her charisma.

source: newsen.com


This really breaks my heart. Minah has been working in conditions like this, but she stills with her smile, showing nothing about her real condition. This is a sign of her real professionalism in acting doing an amazing work like ever. How she endure this for two months!. Oh god we are really worried about her health . Hope she can rest these weeks, please just rest and recover. Like fans we just can think of her in our prayers and even write a message on her me2day showing that she has all our support and love.

Click here: me2day.net/mina_shin


5 thoughts on “‘Arang’ Shin Min A Suffered During Filming Because of Asthma, “Even Speaking Lines Was Difficult”

  1. i hope she will get well soon..
    God! i`m so worried! T_T
    coz this, i love her more.. what a professional..
    hope she will be better than ever and doing what she likes sooner after she recovers..
    love u Mina.. ;]

  2. oh no! i would’ve never guessed she had asthma!! she was so committed, professional and humble about everything. wishing her a speedy recovery. i already miss her on the screen…selfish me! >_<

  3. I’m praying for her speedy recovery~~ Been worried for a few days after I’ve read eilasa posting this news on soompi :(( huhuhuhu~~ I hope the AATM crews and LJK can send her some flowers to encourage her to get well soon~~ Been sending supportive pm to SMA too via me2day.. Please get well soon SMA.. Lots of Love… xoxox

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