Shin Min Ah 신민아 Interview ~ Amorepacific ‘Eco-bag’ Beauty Point Event

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Translation: Interview – Amore Pacific’s Eco Bag 

I feel that it’s very interesting, I like drawing very much usually. When my drawing is made into an eco bag, to me; it is a new experience.

Q: Designing eco bag with a busy schedule

This is a good idea, as to what other things my drawing can create, this made me curious, so I happily made this choice.

Q: Not actress but designer Shin Min A

Anyway, creating something is not an easy thing. To express “Shin Min A’s eco bag”, I thought over it a lot. I want to design a non-typical eco bag, adding in some feminine and perceptual elements, colours and image are not quaint, but expressed as abstraction.

Q: Special feature of the eco bag design 

Women often carry eco bags, so I developed the thinking that eco bags must be pretty.

Q: Eco bag most suitable to style with

It is suitable with casual outfits; the bag feels modern; so I feel that it looks good when styled with anything.

Ah, finally made it…

  • based on chinese translation by 畅游的鱼x from Mina baidu
  • English translation by eilasa@SMASoompi

#Sin Min-ah designs eco bag (Source: Hancinema)

Ghost Sin Min-ah is now a designer.

Playing the ghost role of the MBC drama “Arang and the Magistrate“, Sin Min-ah personally designed the eco bag for Amore Pacific she is modeling for .

This eco bag she designed is like water color art. Usually enjoying drawing every now and then, Sin Min-ah took the offer to design an eco bag which the profits would be donated to Earth persevering organizations.

Amore Pacific spokesperson said, “The Min-ah Eco Bag is an organic envirosaks product made with natural dye that is approved of being environment-friendly. Hollywood stars like Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and others enjoy using it and now the eco bag has become prettier thanks to Sin Min-ah“.

Sin Min-ah‘s management explained, “It’s Sin Min-ah‘s view that all bags women carry should be beautiful. She spent her busy schedule in the design studio added her passion to this bag. She was even seen carrying it around the drama set”.

Min-ah’s eco bag can be bought for 9900 points at the Amore Pacific’s all around the country.

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