Lee Joon-ki and Shin Min-ah of ‘Arang And The Magistrate’ Pay Their Respects For The Late Father of Yeon Woo-Jin

The actors Lee Joon-ki and Shin Min-ah of MBC ‘Arang And The Magistrate’ has paid their respects to the late father of their costar Yeon Woo-jin.

On 7th, a representative from the drama has revealed that Yeon Woo-jin’s father has passed away due to his stomach cancer on 6th, and Lee Joon-ki and Shin Min-ah has hurried to Gangneung in Gangwon to pay their respect for the deceased.

The staff members of ‘Arang and the Magistrate’, including the director Kim Sang-ho, has also accompanied them to pay their respect. Yeon Woo-jin has reportedly expressed his thanks for his costars, after a day-long filming since the morning.

Yeon Woo-jin has postponed his schedules and is attending to his father’s mortuary in Gangneung. The coffin will be borne out on 8th.

Credit: koreandrama.com

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