‘Arang and the Magistrate’ ~ Shin Min Ah Interview

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Translation of Arang and the Magistrate Interview (Thank you so much! kay!)

In the drama, what is Arang’s personality?
Arang is a ghost who lost her memory. To uncover the cause of her death, she appears feisty but in actual is innocent, unaffected and impulsive. She is a role who becomes human, to uncover the truth behind her death, experiencing much pain in the process.

From ghost to human, what are the changes?
When she is a ghost, she is very persistent about her death. After becoming human, facing what happened and how to solve it. Developed feelings for Eun Oh Sato and becoming more feminine yet unable to differ too much from Arang’s original personality, these have changed.
The difference between the role of Gumiho and a ghost?
Firstly, I think their personalities are opposite. Gumiho is like a newborn infant, Arang gets into fights to find out the truth and reasons behind her death, frequently displaying fearlessness and uncouthness. Therefore I will think both personalties are the opposite.
The difficulties in your first saguek?
Prior to filming, because it’s my first time acting in such a genre and doing a saguek, I was really worried, if it will be inconvenient to move around in hanboks. But the time to get familiarised with it is shorter than I expected; I feel that hanboks are more comfortable than other clothes now.
The scenes which left a deep impression?
Cave scene, cliff scene, these scenes have more action than dialogue, a lot which requires the performance of the body. At that time, we began working overnight; my body condition wasn’t good and had a cold. Thinking back then, it was really tiring and tough. The scenes which I had to participate personally were a lot so it left a deep impression.
How did you get the opportunity to participate in this OST?
Rather than say it’s an opportunity; there are singing scenes in my movie Go Go 70s a few years ago, naturally, a lot of the crew members see me singing, therefore they feel that I can sing this time. Frequently participating in OST production may not be my intention but it allows me to feel the pleasure outside of filming.
Are you usually interested in music?
I like singing and listening to music. To participate in music recording is very meaningful and pleasant. Although, I do not have any singing technique, there are some parts where it’s not mellow (?) enough, but it seems that I am doing fine by my own method.
Lastly, to the audience
Arang and the Magistrate’s filming is taking place now, very thankful to everyone for the concern and love. We will not disappoint everyone; we will use our greatest efforts to complete filming. Hope everyone will like and support us more, thank you!!
  • based on chinese translation by 畅游的鱼x from Mina baidu
  • translated by eilasa@SMASoompi

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  1. eilasa@SMASoompi,
    could you translate arang&Magistrate section tv interview? i really want to understand what they talked about..thank you..

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