‘Arang and the Magistrate’ Ep 11 Preview

Credit: to uploader

Rough translation of Episode 11 written preview:
What are you doing? Grim Reaper!

Eun Oh discovered Mu Young in his bedroom holding his fan and his mother’s hairpin with a serious expression on his face, and ran towards him. They started to fight with each other….

Meanwhile, Arang met with Joo Wal and finally asked him about his fiancee Lee Seo Rin.
  • Translation Korean – Chinese: Lee Joongi Baidu Forum (百度李准基吧翻译组)
  • Translation Chinese – English: jan82@ArangandtheMagistrateSoompi

Rough Translation of video preview:
(Credit: cikki@ArangandtheMagistrateSoompi)

Shaman: Haa… You think you can catch me by throwing a bait, Don’t know if MY will kill me like they think. (I couldn’t understand the 2nd line so couldn’t translate )
EO: What are you doing Grim Reaper?
MY: It is the same as their weapon. (not sure here too )
EO: Give it to me… I told you to give it back.
Arang: What is this?
EO: Ohh… I brought it from the graveyard.
Arang: I have seen this before.
EO: Where?
Shaman: Clear your heart before it is too late…
EO: Those ***tards


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