‘Arang and the Magistrate’ Ep 10 Preview

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 10 Synopsis by njkim@vingle
JW asks to AR the relationship with EO. In the meanwhile, EO threaten to Choi Lord “don’t disturb him”. And AR asks to EO “why you continually care and follow me? do you like me?” Also she comes to say to EO if she fails to solve problem about her death, she have to go to hell. EO get angry, saying that “why you tell me the truth now? you don’t care of yourself at all?”
Softy@cadence version of the preview translation

J asks Arang: What is your relationship with sato

Choi asks E -how dare you come here.

E says dont you know it’s agains the law for you to interfere in my job.

Choi- it wont be easy to be sato

Arang says to J: I had a lot of things to ask you so I followed you out today

E rode over on his horse to pick her up

Arang asks E: why are you worried about me? Do you like me?

E: what? arang: dont like me. If I don’t find the truth (about my death) within two moons, I have to go to hell.

E: Why are you just now telling me that.

Arang: cuz it’s not important so i didnt.

E: It’s not important? Do you not feel anything at all?

Credit: njkim@vingle, Softy@cadence, subaru24@ArangandtheMagistrateSoompi


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