Sin Min-ah and Lee joon-ki to become ‘the’ couple (Hancinema news)

Source: Hancinema (permanlink)

Sin Min-ah and Lee Joon-ki are expected to cleanse your sight in the new MBC TV drama “Arang and the Magistrate

Still cuts from a scene that was taken on the 23rd last month were revealed on the 22nd.

This scene is when ghost Arang and the Magistrate Eun-oh meet for the first time on the roof and on the street. Sin Min-ah had to go through extreme measures on the first day as the ghost she is must be able to move from roof to roof easily.

Apparently, Sin Min-ah stayed pleasurable all throughout the shoot under the blazing hot sun. Even when the director gave her the cue sign, she wanted to have one more go just in case.

Lee Joon-ki shot his scene with Kwon O-joong and went around making conversation with the members of staff.

Producer Kim Sang-ho said, “There’s nothing I want to request from them. I just hope they continue working like this until the end. Always be careful too”.

Arang and the Magistrate” is based on the motive of the Arang Legend, about a ghost who wants to know about her death and a magistrate who can see her.

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