Arang and the Magistrate [Interview with Shin Minah-excerpt summary]

NOTE: the upper part is omitted because of the repitition  in the interview excerpt

[Interview with Shin Minah-excerpt summary]

Q. Feelilngs on the first challenge to a Sageuk(historical drama)

A. nervous and excited, counting days to go to work. Not only because it’s a comeback project in two years but because its script is fun and the staff are fun and hard working, I am looking forward to it and motivated. I am enjoying every moment at the site.

Q. About the character

A. Arang is an unconventional energetic ghost. As much cynical , rough, and rash as she is, her behaviors are not hateful but lovable. The earth-bound ghost has lost the memories of her life and tries to find out the truth of her death. It would be more interesting to you if you follow the drama as if you are setting off the journey with Arang to find her lost memories about who she was and why she died.

Q. About action scenes

A. Arang is striving to stay in this world. At times, she fights with other earth bound spirits for ‘Gosurae’ . Runnig is basic and flying scene are frequent. But these are more like a scuffle than a splendid action. Thus, rather than preparing for action, I try to focus on her circumstance and her emotion more.

(NOTE: Gosurea – little bits of food offering to hungry spirits )

Q. Any difficulties such as costumes, because it’s a Sageuk.

A. Shooting in hanbok  in summer can be difficult because it’s hot and encumbering as much as it is pretty to look at. I realized why senior actors would say sageuk shooting is difficult. Especially on physical fights, it is more encumbering. However, like Arang’s free and easy characteristic, I am adating myself to the environment by rolling up my skirt or wearing underpants.

Q. First impression on Lee Joon gi

A. I also felt like I was seeing an star entertainer.  His strong point is that he is always bright and proactive. His always positive and passionate attitude make all actors and staff happy and give energy to us. With that energy, I try to be more cheerful when filming..

Q. On which scene do you most anticipate viewers reactions ?

A. There’s this scene where disappeared Arang suddenly shows up again in front of Eunoh. When reading the script, this setting was really fun and surprising. For fear of spoiler, I ask you to check out in the drama. It’s an impressive scene that adds more expectations on the further development.

Q. What’s the secret of the congenial atmosphere at the site?

A. The best mood maker is Lee Joongi and the lighting director. His bright , positive energy is the life of the location site. The lighting director also has a mysterious charm that turns the depressed mood into a bright one. In fact every single staff and actors are mood maker. The atmosphere is always pleasant because we enjoy ourselves while filming. I hope this can show through the drama.

Q. comment to the anticipating viewers

A. [Arang and the magistrate] is a fantasy melo sageuk with comic touch.  Overall, it is delightful and sound but if you follow each character’s situations and feelings, you will get a novel impression as well. Besides, this Arang character is more round character than my previous characters. Please look forward to it.

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