Sin Min-ah has a round with action! (Hancimena news)

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MBC…action ghost in “Arang and the Magistrate

Actress Sin Min-ah is coming back to fans with action.

Sin Min-ah takes on the role of ghost Arang in the new MBC drama “Arang and the Magistrate” which is coming at the end of July.

This drama has the motive of the Arang legend, a virgin ghost who died unjustly and appears in front of the magistrate (Lee Joon-ki) to vent her spite. To catch this ghost that refuses to move on and just wanders around, the characters need action. According to the productions plan of using only analogue action, Sin Min-ah learned high level action moves prior to the filming.

Her agency said, “She took action lessons a month and more before the shoot started. She took riding lessons and such so she isn’t finding the action she has to do on the drama too hard”.

Sin Min-ah is confident in action as she has done much of it in drama “Hit It”, movies “Volcano High“, “My Mighty Princess” and more.

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