Shin Min Ah Fans Project for Arang!

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  2. Also we have made a tutorial :
    How to donate to SMA Fans Project for Arang with Paypal
    Verifying your Credit / Debit Card (Step-by-step guide)
  3. We’ll continue updating: [Fans Project 2012] List of Donors + news  with the news about fans project and list of donors ASAP (if its possible everyday)…
  4. If you have any question email us at: and comment here.
  5. Don’t forget to spread this everywhere.


This is a very special fans project because all of the fans in the world are participating, including korean fans. Thanks to Kay.z from Minajjang Official Fancafe and LegendSoul who is also a member from fancafe staff who has helped in all of this. Also thanks to Fang from DCMina, who also is an important part in this project:).

Este es un fansproject conjunto con los fans coreanos. Gracias a la colaboración de Kayzkim admin. del Minajjang OfficialFancafe, y LegendSoul miembro del staff también de Minajjang OfficialFancafe. Queremos agradecer a Fang de DCMina por ayudarnos.

We are very exciting since is the first time we are doing a big project like this, and it is a great honour for us to count with Minah big korean fans participation on the project. Korean and overseas fans, we are a big family that want to show all of their love and support for Minah.

Estamos muy emocionadas por esto, esta es la primera vez que vamos a hacer algo así, y ya seamos fans extranjeros como coreanos somos como una gran familia que queremos demostrar nuestro apoyo a Mina.

Like overseas fans, we will show our support to Mina collecting money and sending it to our fellow korean fans who will make this event reality giving gifts to Minah and ARANG staff.

Como fans en el extranjero vamos a mostrar nuestro apoyo recaudando fondos con nuestros compañeros coreanos. Nuestros amigos coreanos son los que llevarán a cabo este evento y lo llevarán a Mina.

The gifts that will be sent to Mina depends on the totally of the money collected. So we really hope that many fans – all of you- participate  in the project. You can send the money that you can, any amount will be really appreciated. Hope all the Mina fanclubs in the world could participate in this :). You can collect all the money on your fanclub and then send to this fans project’s paypal account, or send here first, just these are suggestions.

El regalo que se lleve a cabo en este fansproject dependerá de los fondos recaudados,  así que esperamos que participen muchos fans, cualquier cantidad que se envíe es muy apreciada. Esperamos que todos los fanclubs de Mina en el mundo puedan participar.


We are so grateful with Minajjang fancafe that give us a solution -like we all are so far from Korea- and have create an account on PAYPAL when all the fans in the world can contribute!

Estamos muy agradecidas con Minajjang fancafe por crear una cuenta PAYPAL – estamos tan lejos de Corea…- para este fansproject y que todos los fans podamos participar.



Dont worry if you haven’t use paypal anytime. It’s so easy :)

No se preocupen si no han utilizado nunca una cuenta Paypal, es muy fácil de crear.

You need to create a Paypal account to participate in the project. You can use a credit or a debit card or your bank account. With a credit/ debit card you can send the money right away. But if you use your bank account, Paypal have to verify the account before so takes a bit more time.

Usted necesita una cuenta Paypal para participar en este proyecto. Puede utilizar una tarjeta de crédito o débito o su cuenta bancaria.
Con tarjetas de crédito o débito usted puede enviar el dinero inmediatamente, sin esperar.
Con la cuenta bancaria debe de esperar a que Paypal verifique su cuenta y tarda unos días.

To create an PAYPAL account we have write a tutorial, just follow the steps: 


Create your new Paypal account here:

Para crear tu cuenta en Paypal =>


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4 thoughts on “Shin Min Ah Fans Project for Arang!

  1. I am extremely excited about the project and am happy to contribute! Please let us know the details soonest!!! Thanks!

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