Shin Min Ah Official Website ~ -Staff Diary updated (2012-03-22) (Eng. Transl. & Tutorial)



Staff Diary First Event!! 

“Collecting birthday wishes for Minah’s 29th birthday, please leave the words you wish to say to Minah or essay! 

For Minah’s 29th birthday birthday message, please leave the words you wish to say to Minah or essay! 

Because we need to contact the lucky winners, so please state down your email and home address when you leave a message. 

The event begins on 22nd Mar and ends on 27th Mar, the lucky winners will be announced on 28th Mar. 

10 lucky winners whose works are selected shall received Minah endorsed Mise en Scene products and a photo of Minah. 

We shall pass everyone’s messages to Minah!~ 

Staff diary is holding its first event so everyone please give your support! >_<

*Once the 10 winners are announced, we will proceed with prizes giveaways, in order to enable the winners receive their prizes earlier, please remember to indicate your real name, cell phone no, home address, message when liasing with the event organisers. 

*If there are other queries, please email the organiser. 

Organiser email address: ^^ 


  • based on translation by 科学院1 from Minah@baidu
  • english translations by eilasa @SMASoompi



Leave a birthday message to Min-A on her Official website:

“For the password field, you can make it anything you want, there is no pre registration or anything, so in the password you can fill in something unique to you.” (lot_lot @SMASoompi, thank you for this info!)


Credit tutorial: @ winkwin5 via twitter and lot_lot @SMASoompi



* Let’s participate in this Mina fans! It’s a wonderful idea from AME staff right?^^. And please, don’t forget to participate in our fans project too – let’s read about our Minah Bday project.


13 thoughts on “Shin Min Ah Official Website ~ -Staff Diary updated (2012-03-22) (Eng. Transl. & Tutorial)

  1. Happy Birthday Shin Min Ah. I wish you good health and happiness.
    You are by far my favourite actress wordwide I am addicted to My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. It is the best drama ever. I love all your films/dramas and I hope one day the Lord will let me meet you when I finally am able to move to Seoul. I hope you have a wonderful day, you definly deserve it.
    May the good Lorld continue to guide and protect you. God bless you Shin Min Ah 😀

  2. We like to take this special day to wish you a year of wealth health
    Happiness and prosperity..
    ..happy birthday…. Shin Min Ah

  3. Happy birthday Miss Shin (Yang) Min Ah. We happen to be both Aries, I’m 2 days later than you. I’m happy just knowing that. Be happy and you are great as always though i only just got to know about you. Good luck for your future endeavors, I’ll be supporting them =D

  4. eonnie. I’m from Philippines, I idolize you since I watched My girlfriend is a gumiho. Your character in that drama lead me to tears, eonnie ! Hope you’ll next drama will be successful =)

    I’ll always love you, Sha la la la la ~ ;3

  5. Hi,

    Just want to wish Miss Shin Min Ah a very happy birthday!

    By the way, I sent a birthday message to Miss Min Ah on the site mentioned above ( and I was both a bit sad and happy about their response.

    Here is the response:

    We appreciate international fans leave a message
    to celebrate Mina’s birthday and join our first event.
    But so sorry we couldn’t send a present abroad easily.
    For that reason, we’ll send a small present to some of international fans.
    Whose name below, please send your name and address you can receive a present to
    until April 3rd.
    April Cai/icyhan/Smainternationalfans/Fang/Shayla

    *Note: Guys, please check if your name is included on the list they posted. If yes, then make sure you provide them all the information needed thru the email they specified. The deadline is on April 3, 2012.

    Below is my original birthday message to Miss Min Ah:

    Hello Miss Shin Min Ah,

    Happy birthday!

    May all your wishes continue to happen.

    You are heaven sent!
    I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
    I’m currently living in Canada. I’m here to work so I can earn a living. It’s really hard for me to be separated from my loving wife, my parents and my brothers and sister for the first time. But because of the Korean Dramas, I am able to go on with my hardships here.

    Korean Drama series and movies somehow provide me the entertainment and inspiration I need to carry on.
    Thanks to you, this became possible. You may be wondering why this is the case. The truth is, I never had interest in Korean dramas and movies when I was in the Philippines back then, eventhough Korean dramas were already making their way to the hearts of the Filipinos.
    Korean dramas and movies caught my interest when I was browsing the internet and the name “Shin Min Ah” kept showing on my researches. So out of curiosity, I searched for your official fan site and then I came across “” and that started my craze.

    Thanks for all the accurate information in the said site, I was able to watch my first ever Korean Drama series, “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.” I was so thrilled and awed with the experience I had when I watched the series. In fact I watched it 3 times in succession and never got tired or bored. Since then, I’ve been constantly watching Korean dramas and movies everytime I come home from work. By the way, I consider “A Love To Kill” as your master piece.

    Thanks to you Miss Min Ah, I am now able to bear with all the hardships and loneliness while being away from my loved ones. Your dimples, your facial expressions and the way you act reminds me of my lovely, caring and wonderful wife. There are lots of lessons learned in all Korean drama episodes and movies. And I am so amazed with the Korean culture, especially the way you show respect to other people. I’ll definitely raise my future kids using the Korean culture as one of the key ingredients.

    Thanks for your time spent reading this message.
    I can’t think of the best gift that you should receive on your birthday. But I know that the best gift I can give you are the prayers for your health, your success and your happiness.

    Again Happy Birthday!
    I hope and pray that you continuously receive all the blessings from heaven. ; )


    Edwin Tristan Dela Cruz
    P.O. Box 2617 Neepawa, Manitoba R0J 1H0, Canada

  6. Happy, Happy , Happy Birthday Shin Min Ah!! May you many more birthdays to come! Good Health and Good flow of your career ,more projects for you! We will support you !! We Love you Shin Min Ah!! ❤ ❤ :)))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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