Kim Yuna, Shin Min Ah and Wonder Girls to Appear on ‘Project Runway 4’ (Article)


Big top stars such as Kim Yuna, Shin Min Ah, Wonder Girls and Han Hye Jin will be appearing as guests on Onstyle’s Project Runway Season 4. The producers of the show revealed this star-studded list of guests through a surprise teaser video.

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Project Runway 4 will bring in the host Lee Sora, designer Andy Kim of Andy & Debb and editor Jeon Mi Kyung of the fashion magazine Harper′s Bazaar Korea as the regular judges who will appear every week. Surprise guests will then come in as clients for new missions and at times even judge what the contestants come up with for the mission.

The previous seasons were popular for bringing in a variety of top stars, big fashion figures including photographers and designers, and also other popular figures from culture and the arts. As such, the guests that will be coming in for the fourth season are gathering much interest among the show’s fans.

While the producers previously kept guests under wraps before the show’s actual broadcast in the previous seasons, this time they revealed a part of the stunning cast set to appear on the fourth season.

A 30 second teaser video reveals four guests: Fashionistas Shin Min Ah and Han Hye Jin, the idol girl group Wonder Girls and the Queen of Figure Skating Kim Yuna. These stars are acknowledged not only for their skills in their respective areas, but also for their unique fashion styles. Viewers are looking forward to the missions they’ll be handing out, the splendid runway show that will ensue and the comments the guests will as judges.

The producers stated, “The fourth season will bring in not only great guests, but also creative missions that will exceed expectations on a bigger scale to provide a lot of fun and great sights to see for the show’s viewers, so please look forward to it.”

Project Runway Korea is the Korean version of America’s popular reality show Project Runway. It aired its first season in 2009 and its second in 2010, and the third season, which aired its last episode on April 2011, recorded higher viewership ratings with every episode, reaching a high of 2.95 percent in ratings among women 20-34 years old, and having the highest ratings for its time slot in nine of its episodes out of a total of 12.

Seoul City, which joined Onstyle in putting the show together ever since the second season, will be co-producing the show again for the upcoming season. As it is the longest running local version of the show other than the original in America, it plans to showcase an upgraded large-scale season more splendid than any other.

Lee Sora, who has been hosting the show since its first season, will be hosting again, and professor Kan Ho Sub from Hongik University’s fashion design department will appear as a mentor for the contestants. Designer Andy Kim will take an active part in the show as a judge, along with editor Jeon Mi Kyung, who joined the show in the third season.

The winner will be awarded 100 million won for brand launching fees, a design concept car, participation in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, a chance to stand on the stage of the 2012 F/W Seoul Fashion Week, and entry to the Seoul City Creative Studio.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

Credit: -yuoi-SMASoompi


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