Cosmo Beauty Awards (Cosmopolitan) (Updated)




Credit: (via; tip: kaiser_05 via twitter), kayzkim via facebook, kay.zDCMina, kay.zDCMina, 엘프민아 DCMina, ^^DCMina, 수선화DCMina寂静森林 


4 thoughts on “Cosmo Beauty Awards (Cosmopolitan) (Updated)

  1. Thanks Lipos 🙂
    @Lipos, does the string bracelet and a thin band gold ring on the 4th finger of the right hand she wears came from a guy or is it’s only an accessories that she bought?
    @慜娥, KayzKim promises that she will post a video better to wait for that video ^_^

  2. Lovely Minah looks wonderful with a braided updo, nude colored dress and red pumps. I’ve always been a fan of her style. What is the designer of her outfit? Can’t wait for the video! And I too am curious about her random rings. Thank you for posting SMAIF mods!!!

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