Shin Min Ah & Jo In Sung at Hera Pink Ribbon Marathon on October 9th FANCAM [Post#3] UPDATED 5


Part 1/3

Part 2/3  🙂

Part 3/3

Credit: MALegendSoul


Credit: anan. DC Minah   /  Reupload to YT: smainternationalfans


More Fancams


Credit: 바키♥ DC Minah



Credit: lemon* DC Minah

Credits: Kay.Z

Source:  /  Credit: 守静院

Reupload to YT: smainternationalfans


13 thoughts on “Shin Min Ah & Jo In Sung at Hera Pink Ribbon Marathon on October 9th FANCAM [Post#3] UPDATED 5

  1. miss shin min ah !!! please visit us here in philippines!!! .. i really really really really like and love you !!! :))

  2. shin min ah!!!! i wish that there is a sequel of my gf is a gumiho!!!! … more power i love you!!!! mwua mwua tsup tsup haha !! :))

    OMO! i REALLY MISS this BLOG SO MUCH coz i didn’t visit this blog almost 2months huhuh 😦 i am late on min ah’s update hehehe ^_^
    anyways so happy to be back hahaha 😀
    HOI HOI 😀

  4. i don’t know why you always made our Mina relate with one guy who has a bad character
    after MIHO,mina capture lots of new fans ,so 2011 and the rest of years are so important to mina 。
    this guy is killed by KBS MBC ,and his new drama also no hope 。i really really hope you girls if you really love mina ,please just concentrate your attention on mina’s onw work,not this guy or that guy!!!
    (please forgive me ,it does’t mean i hate JJH,just mina on the way to the big success ,so everystep is the same important to her)

    • Yep i understand your POV. The most important her is Minah but i think is not annoyed when people here comment about her co-star (in any of her works). I think we started to know Minah in one of her works and love the chemistry that has with this co-star -whatever it is-. Obviously we focus here just in Minah and only post things of her co-stars if it’s related to Minah. Don’t be mad about JJH^^… If we talk about him is because he worked with Minah on a drama and movie, just it and because there are fans who like him. We respect all your likes and opinions^.^ hope u do the same. MGIG is so special for Minah and for us too as she gained more fans and fame overseas… Like fans we ever want the best for minah 😀 and like u said this is her time to success =)

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