[Special Post] 때려! Punch [Drama 2003]


A tragic union of a man and a woman in a world where fist comes before the law, they choose love before fist to find hope in their future… Punch! Yoo-bin looses her only family, her brother, Yoo-cheol, from a boxing match, and is left alone in the world. She lives a difficult life but an opportunity to become a female boxer makes her a grown women. Boxer by day and night club solicitor by night. But, Han-Sae is a very fast and skilled fighter. Even when Han-sae knows that Yoo-bin is Yoo-cheol’s sister, he is attracted to her by her fresh image.


Jang Yoo-Bin (Shin Min Ah) y su hermano son huérfanos. El es un boxeador a punto de poder convertirse en profesional. Jang Yoo-Bin adora a su hermano y siempre va a todos sus combates a animarlo. Lee Han-Sae (Joo Jin Mo) es un boxeador joven que está progresando en su carrera para ser un profesional. El destino hace que se enfrenten en una pelea de boxeo Lee Han-Sae y el hermano de Jang Yoo-Bin. A partir de ahí van entrelazándose el amor y el mundo duro de este deporte,…

Aired: October- December 2003

TV Channel: SBS

Gender/ Género:  Drama/Romance



MUSIC VIDEOS (Credit: YT Uploaders)

  • Dae Ruh (PUNCH) MV

  • Punch! MV: One Love – MC the Max

  • Punch! MV: KCM – Okay

  • Punch! MV: Light & One Person



Source: nana585 Punch Soompi // Reupload to YT: smainternationalfans




Credit photos: tieba.baidu

4 thoughts on “[Special Post] 때려! Punch [Drama 2003]

  1. It’s a very sweet drama, with the same ‘forbidden lovers’ plot basis as A Love to Kill. SMA was in really strong leading roles. @Zachira, there’s torrents on crunchyroll.com or mysoju.com. It’s out there, just gotta find it. 🙂

  2. hi, I’m one of fans shin min ah
    I wanna ask u because I really confuse. I’ve been looking everywhere, movies DVD Shin Min Ah, so it reproduces DVD and the film, but it can not, I ask for help in order to get the DVD Shin Min Ah.

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