How to Vote for Shin Min Ah ~ “Asia-Pacific, Japan and South Korea’s most popular female star ranking Bangzhongbang”

‘Note: this post is permanent. New posts above’



Thanks to all for supporting MinAh on SDA! *thumbs up* Now we have another poll. Please do your best and keep supporting MinAh^^


Credit: japs (comment on smainternationalfans)

26 thoughts on “How to Vote for Shin Min Ah ~ “Asia-Pacific, Japan and South Korea’s most popular female star ranking Bangzhongbang”

    • @onepiece: nope ^^ i can vote three times a day hehehe
      i used Google chrome and Mozilla then sometimes i closed the voting page then after an hour i open it again to vote for shin min ah 😉

      • @xtine_PH: im just able to vote once 😦

        even if i try…. im not able to make a tick on the tht box…. but im able to do tht for other actresses except for shin minah

      • ah u’r from u.a.e, i really don’t know what happen why u cant vote 2times in a day, i just voted shin min ah three times 🙂
        i think there is just an error on voting hope it’ll be ok asap.^^

        • i have 2 laptops…. each of them have 2 browsers… so im able to vote for her 4 times per day….this is the best i can do until the problem goes away….

          anyways i can see tht u guys are doing an amazing job in voting 🙂
          keep it up!!!!! fighting!!!!!!

  1. all Chinese!!!its a china website voting??????um few chinese fans know it ,i just got it 。so fighting~~~~!!!!!

  2. btw….. u know we shud post abt this voting thing in facebook – in shin minah fanpage!!!!
    in tht way many ppl will know abt this vote

    • yep yep 😀 the admins of “shin min ah pages” on Facebook already posted it on their pages ^^ don’t worry the fans LOVE MIN AH SO MUCH so we vote for her till last 😉 they support her forever 🙂

  3. guys….. shin min ah is falling behind!!!!! plz plz vote how much ever u can….

    i still have the same problem i can vote only once per day!!!!! 😦

  4. hi guys 😀 we filipino fans of min ah is uniting for the
    MGIG for “Best teen Korean Drama” and also voting for min ah♥
    i will post it to MGIG pages on Facebook for us to be reminded 😉

  5. and and the good news is the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is on no1. 😉 😀
    YEHEY!!!! but we still need to gather more likes because the Heart Strings is just so close 😉 spread….

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