[MGIG Special Post #2] Strong Heart GUMIHO Special with “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” cast [8, 2010]

One year ago…

On August 3th and 10th were broadcasting 2 Strong Heart’ s GUMIHO special episodes (ep. 37 and 38), where ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ cast was there and, of course, Shin Min Ah and Lee seung Gi – who also is Strong Heart’s MC.

mes de agosto del pasado año, 2010, en el programa Strong Heart se emitieron dos episodios especiales ( episodios 37 y 38 ) de “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, al cual asistieron los miembros del cast y por supuesto Shin Min Ah y Lee Seung Gi quien al mismo tiempo es MC de dicho programa.

It’s really a special episode, where we can learn more about Minah and her relationship with Lee Seung Gi and MGIG cast 🙂 —Do you remember cellphone – e-mail story? :D…Let’s watch it!

VIDEO LINKS: (Eng. Sub) 

EPISODE 37 (03/08/2011)LINK EPISODE 37     (Source: hallyustorm.blogspot.com)

EPISODE 38 (10/08/2011) :  LINK EPISODE 38     (Source: hallyustorm.blogspot.com)




EP. 37 (All Credit: Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010tryp96leeseunggiworld)

  • SeungGi introduces his girlfriend Gu MiHo [Video Link]
  • SeungGi asked HoDong for relationship advice? [Video Link]

EP. 38 (All Credit: Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96)

  • SeungGi sings car navigation directions set to Will you marry me [Video Link]
  • Hyomin’s thoughts on SeungGi the actor [Video Link]
  • SeungGi uses formal greetings with castmates on the drama set [Video Link]
  • SeungGi’s Laugh or Don’t Laugh joke corner [Video Link]

[MV] Shin Min Ah & Lee Seung Gi [Strong Heart ~ 08-2010] – Song: Marry me [Sub.Eng] 

Credit: smainternationalfans


‘August, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ~ The Hoi Month’

19 thoughts on “[MGIG Special Post #2] Strong Heart GUMIHO Special with “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” cast [8, 2010]

  1. Your series about MGIG Special post are really moving me. Our 4rum are preparing to hold some events for this 1st anniversary with DVD of this drama and other contents.
    MGIG is a key for our 4rum and freindship’s existing. So that, beyonding of a drama, MGIG is a our love.
    1 year….. miss them so much 😡
    Tks for your posts, let’s MGIG be keeping in our mind l:)

    • Happy hoy month chinggu! Happy that you like all our special post… We really miss them^^ and MGIG connect us too and started our love for Minah… Is really special for us too^^.

      It’s great that you are preparing some special events too! We want to know the link of your forum cuz we have to reunite for MGIG anniversary! Have to be a big celebration, right?! … MGIG will be always in our mind^.~

  2. i so love those two episodes! ❤
    watching that makes me idolize shin min ah more 🙂
    she's so cute and honest.
    I've already seen that on viki.com months ago..
    i really hope there's season 2 for MGIG

  3. But in seoul international drama awards their votes aren’t very good for MGIG / Lee Seung Ki & Shin Min Ah,if you are a true fan of them you should vote for them!

    yes i already voted them both 🙂
    i think other fans they forgot to vote for SHIN MIN and SEUNG GI..

  5. if you guys know links to these episodes, let all fans know. there are people like me who just watch MGIG recently and get addicted to them. I want to watch it sooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad TT^TT

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