‘Blog by Minah’ updated on August 02, 2011



Day. Geugwajaneun: in front of my eyes: we did not, no,! Hi end.



And again.



Her birthday, I do not want it she Dunn.
Day. Unique. Gum seems to laugh, very. A lot. Has made ​​me happy.


꽃사슴.    미용우지.

Kkotsaseum. Beauty tallow.



Nice to meet you. Have a boss. Are you busy these days. Ttomannayo. The next time I’m not gonna yen delicious rice.
I’ll call you, sometimes I’m Contact: Hi Hi, good nauiharu um.

Source: blogbymina.com

English Translation: Google Traslator

9 thoughts on “‘Blog by Minah’ updated on August 02, 2011

  1. i search other korean translator^^ (the last photo) 🙂
    “father from Manchuria. I’m glad to see you. He’s fine. These days, the busy. Let’s go see each other again next time, delicious food. I’ll call. Sometimes contacted. Good-Bye Bye.” A pleasant my day..”

    • I do idolize you.. I hope someday I’ll have the opportunity to meet you personally.. I’ll probably be so happy.. Godbless!

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