Jo In Sung and Shin Min Ah are on every channel!


July 29, 2011 12:31 am ilnungcha

New commercial King & Queen are on the rise.

The stars are Jo In Sung and Shin Min Ah.  They exceeded the previous advertisement stars and are still going.

Jo In Sung is becoming an invincible commercial King.  After his military service, he started to make contracts with various clothing stores, smartphones, coffee, beer, and cosmetics companies.  There is a saying, “Jo In Sung is on every channel.”  Cha Seung Won, who became popular thanks to the drama “Greatest Love”, was also selected as commercial models, but is still short of reaching Jo In Sung.

Shin Min Ah also became an invincible commercial model without any competitors.  Unlike the other stars who contracts multiple companies for one year, she makes contracts on longer terms.  She is still filming the ad with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun for three years.  Not only that, she has around 8~9 other advertisements that she filmed.

The other advertisement stars are undergoing major changes due to skyrocketing stars.  Kim Tae Hee and Lee Na Young have less commercial offers.  The same goes to Jang Dong Gun and Lee Young Ae.

Jo In Sung and Shin Min Ah recently made a contract with a cosmetic company, Hera.  Their pay were not revealed, but it is said that they were treated as VIPs.  The previous models for this company were Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee.

Source: Sports Donga from Daum

Posted by reary on JIS Soompi // source: // credit to ilnuncha for translating the Sports Donga from Daum 

Additional Credit: lot_lot SMA Soompi

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