[Special Post] Dramas & Movies #1 (Updated)

Like MinAh will attend Sisters on the Road’s event on July 9th ( Shin Min Ah Official Website [News] Updated # 07/04/2011 ) we decided to repost our Special Post for this  great movie.

We’d like that you watch the great work that Minah and Gong Hyo Jin unnie did in this movie and love it like us… maybe it will became one of your favorites movies  🙂  … Enjoy it^^



 In ‘Sisters on the Road’, Shin Min Ah develops a character that is very different from those of her earlier films. A character who has a strong temper that seems to be against everything and everyone. This troubled personality will be discover along the film coming to understand the reasons of her internal conflict and what most haunts her, that it’s unknown who is her father.

En Sisters on the Road Minah desarrolla un personaje muy distinto a los de sus anteriores películas.  Un personaje intimista, de fuerte temperamento que parece estar en contra de todo y todos. Esta personalidad tan conflictiva se va descubriendo a lo largo del film llegando a entender sus motivos de lucha interna  y lo que mas atormenta al personaje, que es el no saber quién es su padre.


Written and directed by female director Boo Ji Young. Sisters on the Road is a sensitive drama about two sisters’ journey to find young sister’s father, and themselves in the process. Boo’s remarkable debut feature, which premiered at the 2008 Pusan Film Festival, strikes a gentle balance between road movie and family drama dynamics, creating a small, subtle, and compelling film that speaks to the heart.

Escrita y dirigida por la directora Boo Ji Young. Sisters on the Road (Hermanas en el camino) es un drama sensible acerca del viaje de dos hermanas para encontrar al padre de la hermana menor, y el descubrimienro de sí mismas en el proceso. Debut notable de Boo, que se estrenó en el Festival de Cine de Pusan​​ del 2008, un equilibrio suave entre una road movie y un drama familiar, creando una película pequeña, sutil y convincente de que habla al corazón.

Myung-joo and Myung-eun are sisters with different personalties, jobs and life styles. Myung-joo (Gong Hyo Jin) is a fishmonger and single mother who lives in Jeju Island. Myung-eun (Shin Min Ah) is a career woman that never visits her family in hometown. Myung Eun returns home to Jeju upon her mother’s sudden death. The family reunion at the funeral awakens Myung Ju’s longtime complex about being an illegitimate child. She decides to set out to find her long-absent father with her older sister reluctantly in tow.

Myung-joo y Myung-eun son hermanas con diferentes personalidades, puestos de trabajo y estilos de vida. Myung-joo (Gong Hyo Jin) es una pescadora y madre soltera que vive en la isla Jeju. Myung-eun (Shin Min Ah) es una mujer de carrera que nunca visita a su familia en su ciudad natal. Myung-eun retorna a casa en Jeju ante la repentina muerte de su madre. La reunion familiar en el funeral despierta el complejo de mucho tiempo de Myung Ju acerca de ser una hija ilegítima. Ella decide emprender un viaje para encontrar a su padre, el cual ha estado mucho tiempo ausente, en compañía de su hermana mayor a quien la obliga a acompañarla.

Korean tittle: 지금, 이대로 가 좋아요 / Jigeum Idaeroga Joayo

Directed and Screenplay: Boo Ji-young 

Genre: melodrama

Release date in South Korea: 2009/04/23



Gong Hyo Jin, Boo Ji Young and Shin Min Ah (PIFF 2008)

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Extra information:

-This is the second film collaboration between Shin Min Ah and Gong Hyo Jin. Their first movie was ‘Volcano High School’ in 2001. Actually, they are very good friends in real life.

Esta película es la segunda colaboración de Shin Min Ah con Gong Hyo Jin, después de que Minah realizara su debut en la interpretación en el 2001 con la película Volcano High.

-In an interview after wrapping up ‘My girlfriend is a Gumiho’, Shin Min Ah said:

“This is the work which left the deepest impression on me. In this movie (Sisters on the Road), I appeared as an ordinary character but I received good reviews because of my emotional scenes”.
“I felt that it was very good after reading the script and decided to act in it”.

“Esta es la obra que dejó una profunda impresión en mí. En esta película (Sisters on the Road), aparecí como un personaje ordinario, pero he recibido buenas críticas debido a mis escenas emocionales “
“Sentí que era muy bueno después de leer el guión y decidí actuar en él”

Credit: Tieba.baidu, YT uploaders, Asia team, Wikidrama, Yesasia.com, DVDAsian.com, eilasa@soompi


7 thoughts on “[Special Post] Dramas & Movies #1 (Updated)

  1. Dear,

    Thanks for give me information about this movie, I am searching it first time as gong hyo jin fan but I got addicted after I become min ah’s fan. But, why I can not watch when I click “watch online with eng sub” do you have another clue to watch it? Thanks

  2. I already watch over this movie ,kkkk ,actually i already watch over all ming’s movies and dramas,so ming ,new drama or movie,please~~~~~~

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