Please help us stop the fake twitter account (shiminah_ ) because she pretends to be ‘The Real Shin Min Ah’, in which she are not.  Help us spread the words and let together protect Shin Min Ah!

Por favor ayúdenos a detener la cuenta de twitter falsa (shiminah_ ), ya que pretende ser “La  Real Shin Min Ah ‘, y no lo es.  Ayúdennos a difundir esto y así protejamos juntos a Shin Min Ah!


~~~~Shin Min Ah never have a Twitter Account, Facebook or E-mail.

 She just have  her offical website and blog~~~~



@shiminah_ (fake) twitter account:!/ShinMinAh_

*** shiminah_  if you continue to pretend to be Shin Min Ah, mislead people on your twitter, we will report you to Shin Min Ah agency (AM Entertainment), SO PLEASE STOP!!!

***shiminah_ si sigue pretendiendo ser Shin Min Ah, engañando a las personas en su twitter, le informaremos a la agencia de Shin Min Ah (AM Entertainment), ASÍ QUE POR FAVOR PARE!


  1. OMO!!! >.< hate that man using shin min ah on twitter, yeah i know that shin min ah dosen't have a twitter or facebook, tsk. i hope he would stop!
    i will spread this news on facebook…

  2. owhh!! there is a lot of pretending as shin min ah on twitter >.< shaikz….
    i hope the management of shin min ah is aware of this….

  3. … i’ll spread this on facebook although i know that she doesn’t have any account except for me2day… i’m a friend of her in me2day but she doesn’t updating that profile anymore… it was sep. 30 2011 since she last opened her me2day account 😛

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