[Special Post] Shin Min Ah appearing in Music Videos

Shin Min Ah has appeared in many MVs since her debut. The first MV was in 1998! But we haven’t watched it since is very old and it is not in YT and Sonya’s MV too  😦  . But you can watch other MV that are in YT with baby Minah there 🙂  and we have uploaded some of them. Also, Minah has appeared in many GOD’s music videos and other group’s.

Our favorite (Lipos and Anace) is … All of them! Haha because everyone is different but we specially love GOD’s trilogy and Miracle Blue^^… So enjoy it! And tell us what is your favorite?


Request – Lee Seung Hwan (1999)

Eyes Wish to Travel – Leon Lai (1999)

Love and Memory – G.O.D (1999)

The Day You Left – G.O.D (1999)

Do You Know – Jo Sung Mo (2000)

I Need You – G.O.D (2001)

I Love You – Cha Tae Hyun(2001)

Sad Love – G.O.D* (2001)

Babo – G.O.D * (2001)

You Don’t Know – G.O.D * (2001)

Trilogy of G.O.D MVs (ft Shin Min Ah & Jo In Sung) (2001

With Coffee – Brown Eyes (2001)

Summer – Peppertones (2008)

My Happy Day – Shin Min Ah (2008)

Miracle Blue – Shin Min Ah/Loveholic (2009)

Losing My Mind – Lee Seung Gi (2010)

Fox Rain – Lee Sun Hee (2010)

I Love You from Now On – Lee Seung Gi (2010)

Credit: YT, Tudou, etc uploaders

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