‘Feeling of after Minah come to Beijing’ [FANACCOUNT #2] UPDATED

Fang is a really lucky fan that made an effort to go to Beijing to see Minah on her trip to China and she could see Minah so close and write all her experience:) … thank you so much fang for your fanaccount… and hope some day we will have the opportunity to meet our princess too!

Part 1:
                                                          Feeling of after Minah come to Beijing (1)
  21th june 7:36 pm, after ten hours train trip, I arrived at Beijing. It’s not only ming’s first time
to me to Beijing, but also mine.TKS to my high school classmates (they study in one of china’s most famous university – MINZU university,
although we havn´t contact with each other for a long time, when they heart i will come to Beijing, they pay their full heart to treat me,
zzzzzz, moving ing~~~~~~~~~) SO. at 21th night i sleep with my classmate.we talked maybe a whole night with each other.
we not only talked about our high school life, but also about ming. Then my classmate search who minah-shen is in china’s NO1 website — xxxx.
so at the 21th night I was so excited that I only sleep 2 or 3 hours, and my head is full of wonder — what the reality of ming is.
                                                         Feeling of after Minah come to Beijing (2)
  Um~~ Beijing is very hot and big sun at 21th. But in the 22th morning it’s loudly. I hearted  from my another classmate,
It’s raining maybe at 9:00 am, but that time I already enter “BEIJING YIN TAI CENTRE” and ming’s hotel ‘BOYUE HOTEL’ IS a part of this center
(this is the richest place of whole Beijing, and I´m sure the ming is booked is no1 hotel of whole  china)
  As i tell at 20th night, chinese fans prepared to received ming in ‘capital international airport’.
but our monitor change her mind at 21th 9:30 at night and message us to go to ming’s hotel directly.
because if we received ming in airport we only see her a few minutes. It´s not enough for our
Chinese fans, kkkkkkkkkkkk.
As i below above , I arrived at ” Beijing yintai center” at 8:10 am, two of my classmates fellowed me.
But unlucky the guard didn´t allow us to enter.)
At this time a ming’s fan give me a message and told me where to wait for her, then we have a meet and went to
the BI floor to find our monitor,
i’ve met her in “Starbucks”,
nothing to order but find a place to sit, kkkkkk, at this time other Chinese fans came here too,
then we post ming´s logo on our gifts. Also we prepared to book a bunch of flowers, but unlucky if we book a flower,
we can´t get it before ming’s arriving.
Then we chose one Beijing local fan to buy the flower as soon as possible, tks for this  fan’s effort,
´ve bought a very beautiful flower (it is a high price, maybe the shopper know we need a hurry, also because we buy the flower
in beijing’s richest place, zzzzz)

Part 2:
                                              … Feeling of ming come to beijing (-)
Then we went to the 63floor directly (this is the floor where ming will have a rest) .
After sit for a moment, the worker of Sulhasso meet us and give us some advise that
can let ming happy,we lisened to her careful , also tks for her kindness to let us
have a chance to meet ming (because she is the key person that can let us meet ming
so nearly) . A few minutes later, the worker (i will call her sister, because she is so
kind zzzz), told us ming is already one the way to the hotel, about one hour we will
meet her, when we heard this news, we are so nervous that we can’t say anymore,
the sister told us relax girls , ok! ! ! ! . Then also talked why so many girls loving
ming, i told her that’s because ming ‘s kind heart, ming’s cute . ming’s shame ,
maybe all of ming this person , she is a so unique fairy that we girls want protect
her. The sister told us it’s uneasy for a female star to get girl fans particularly girl’s
big fans , kkkk.
so the elder sister told us she once received  a korean female star (the name of this
star i already forget) , and this star is very passion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~zzzzz.
long praise stance ~~~~~~ding! ! !
And i also a, sked the sister why you invited ming at this time (because
it’s the most buzy time for all the chinese students, they have to
prepare finial exam or is exam ing! ! ! )
 The sister told us because ming have a response in 16th
SO it’s a bit late ,kkkkkkkkk. at this time the sister received a call ,and ming will
enter hotel after fifteen minutes. Then all of us went to say hello to ming . Once,
we prepared to say: Min Ah xi . Welcome to Beijing ‘ with korean, but unlucky
it’s difficult to some chinese fans , so we decided to say : min ah xi welcome to
beijing, with english. After a few minutes ming is coming. OMG,OMG,OMG, so
beautiful, so small, the most shocked me is ming’s face is so small, that i want
shouted loudly (but i can´t, it’s the NO1 famous hotel of beijing, if i shouted we will
lose ming’s face, so i can´t , what i can do is calm down myself . Vooke went to ming,
give her flower and gift. Then we say: minah xi , welcome to Beijing’ , ming give
us a big smile, zzzzzz, after ming’s elevator closed, we run to the other one to follow
her, kkk, in the elevator we are so angry of ourselves , because we are slow than
ming’s . Butt!!!!!!! we
Are so lucky ming’s elevator have a guest come out at six flower, kkkkk , so we
arrived sixty-three flower before ming, at there we give the rest of gifts to ming (i
don´t know wether we give a suprise to ming).
Then we wait there thinking maybe we have a chance to get a autograph or
photowith ming (although i already have one, kkkk. But a few minutes later, the
sister told us , girls i’m so sorry you have no chance to get ming’s autograph, we
are so upset (because once the sister told us ming’s manager already promise give
chinese fans to sign autograph) . but now . the manager change his mind. It’s 12:
00am , ming also not appear, i’m a bit hungry, then i went out to have a lunch with my friend
**We have rewrited the text on the photos so you can understand better**

Fancam by FANG:


Part 3:

autograph???,ming smiled and asked ok 。So everyone give the card to ming to sign。But i’m so sad only me no have card ,i forget to prepare)ok ,passed this sad news ,i have a big poster,so i speak english directly“minah sister ,can you give me one too ,there,i display my poster 。Ming respond:ok。<o:p></o:p>

Anyhow i think i’m the lucky fan of all the chinese fans ,big poster add talking with ming,zzzzz<o:p></o:p>

Ming just want to write shin min ah,kkk ,i told her:ming,fang please ,f-a-n-g,she respond ok with a big smile。Even though i want ming write my full name-zheng xiao fang,it so long for ming to write ,so i just ask her write fang,zzz。(this big poster will be brought my home then sticky on the wall ,kkkk)<o:p></o:p>

When ming is writing for me,i told her :i know your cafe administer kayz kim ,and she already give me your autograph。Ming looked at me and asked:en???,so i’m sorry maybe my english is so poor that i didnt express it correctly,zzzzz。<o:p></o:p>

It’s the time to say good bye to ming (my last time to meet her,because my ticket is 23th,i have to back my university this time),i followed her to the elevator,at this time one of ming’s worker asked me:are you the girl who far from beijing to come here to support ming???,i told her:yes,from hohhot ,ten hours train。After that ming say a few words ,the translater told me:minah xi is so tks for your supporting 。OMG OMG OMG,i’m so happy that i can’t express my feeling with words,so~~~~~~ming remember me ,only me!!!!!<o:p></o:p>

So it can made us believe that ming already looks everyone‘s gifts ,so that’s why she remember me!!!I write a letter with english and chinese and a few korean to introduce my gift and the most is my full heart love for her。<o:p></o:p>

So 22th is a unforgettable day in my life,i will remember that day forever~~~~~~<o:p></o:p>

I forget to write:when i took photos to ming ,i told her ming fighting ,i love her forever,i support her forever 。Those words is the promise only for ming。<o:p></o:p>

At last i should mentioned that all chinese fans are effort their best to support ming ,especially ANN,after say good to ming at 23th ,she miss her plane(because both we met the bigest raining that beijing already 100years never see)so ann maybe fired by her boss。I wish her boss can understand her 。But i’m so lucky,even though i miss my train at 23th ,nothing is happen in my school ,kkkkkk。<o:p></o:p>

( THE END) <o:p></o:p>


  • FANG from DC Minah

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  1. very very very small,PH fans try your best to wish ,one day ming will come here too。anyhow PH is a so beautiful place ,i think ming maybe already come here ,kkkkk ,just you don’t know ,i guess。kkkkkkk

  2. vietnamese!!!!near china ,kkkk,it;s a
    beautiful place too。please vote 20‘s choice to ming ,fighting!!!!!

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