Who are the Goddess female stars in their debut? Shin min ah

‘Article talking about Minah’s look from during her early modeling days and until now ‘. (Text/Credit: lot_lot SMA Soompi)

Article excerpt : “attractive actress, Shin Min Ah’s fresh smile” (Text Article except/Credit: everydei.wordpress.com)

Source: nate

Shin Min-Ah (Korean: 신민아, born April 5, 1984) is a South Korean model and actress.  Shin debuted as a model for ‘KiKi Magazine ‘(1998)
and she debuted in acting with the film ‘Volcano High School’ (2001), and has since appeared in many CF (commercial film) advertisements, becoming one of the most in-demand CF endorsers in South Korea. Aside from acting in films and TV dramas, she has also appeared in numerous K-Pop music videos, notably for G.O.D. She studied performing arts at Dongguk University and has published a travel book titled Minah’s French Diary… [Visit link blog ~ Profile on SMA]

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