2011 MNET Summer Break 20’s CHOICE [Permanent Post] [UPDATED How to vote]

(This post is permanent- until tomorrow. See below for updated posts)

Today was the last day to vote … please don´t worry we have to wait for the final results from experts and survey^^ … we want to say thanks and great job everyone! … we did our best on this and hope that you will keep supporting, loving and respect all her decisions^^ ~so~ waiting for more polls in the future;)~…

Minah fans hwaiting!

Minah Hwaiting!


Please continue to support Minah, you remember: 1 vote per day until July 6

Vote for SHIN MIN AH [12번- HOT 에스라인 종결자 후보]



TUTORIAL YOUTUBE: Another way vote many time for Min Ah (Credit: phidh)


Link down http://www.ultrareach.com/download_en.htm  or  http://ultrasurf.softonic.com/descargar (Click Descargar)
Step 1 access http://music.cyworld.com/event/promotion/2011/choice/vote.asp#none
Step 2 open Ultrasuft
Step 3 Search 12번- HOT 에스라인 종결자 후보 click vote Min Ah :D
Step 4 close software. Don’t need close program just click button “Retry”
Step 5 do again from step 2


Link down http://us.dongtaiwang.com/loc/download_en.php

( Thanks Phidh)


Last day to vote: July 6th



June17-July 6 (1 Vote per day) and the awards itself will take place on July 7, 2011 at 6:00pm- 9:00pm.

Overseas fans actually can vote for Minah but you have to have a  cyworld account or nate account.

You can vote once a day. (We are not safe about this (you try many times))

In principle you can only vote once per day, but it is true that if you vote many times the number changes, but this it may coincide with other people submitting their one vote per day.

No membership is required (but if you do have a membership, you can log in and cast another vote)

The winners will be selected based on combined scores from a preference survey of people in their 20s (50%), a panel of experts (20%), and internet voting (30%).


You don’t have to have a cyworld or nate account to vote and that you can vote as many times as you want. I tried and it work but sometime it takes many clicks in order for the number of votes to changes.
(Credit new info: shaylaman SMA Soompi)

(When we know something new, immediately inform)

Follow the order of the screencaptures:


We have tried to vote but we think it’s only for korean people 😦  but you can try^^. Here you are the instructions to vote many times from 엘프민아  from DC Mina, thanks^^:

12번- HOT 에스라인 종결자 후보

로그인, 비로그인으로 매일 하루에 한번씩 투표 가능함. 7월 6일까지~

로그인 안해도 한번 투표 가능하고

싸이월드 아이디로 로그인해서 또 한번 투표 됨.
즉, 싸이월드 아이디가 있으면 하루에 총 두번 투표 가능함.
인터넷투표 30% 반영된다니까 참여하세욤.
우린 12번만 투표하면 될듯~

Credit: 엘프민아 DC Minah

Source: music.cyworld

Screencaptures: smainternationalfans, shaylaman SMA Soompi

New Information: lot_lot SMA Soompi, shaylaman SMA Soompi, tryp96, kayzkim DCMinah


125 thoughts on “2011 MNET Summer Break 20’s CHOICE [Permanent Post] [UPDATED How to vote]

  1. yey! I just voted for Minah! ❤ anyone can vote, so fans of minah from all over the world let's vote and support her!!!

    When is the last day to vote?

      • @慜娥 yeah! i am from Philippines 😀 hehehe
        YESSSSS…… MIN AH is HOT in HERE(Philippines) 😀
        many filipino made here a fan page like facebook and more!! 🙂
        ♥min ah soooo much!!!! we want min’ah visit PH soon we HOPE!!!

        • yes ,minah already come to china ,soso so so beautiful that i never seen such a beautiful woman。i have ming’s autograph already,zzzzz ,if ming come to ph,please try your best to cheer up her ,she is so kind woman ,after i come to beijing saw her ,i love her more and more。

        • OMO ! 😀 really?? u have minah’s signature?? and you saw min ah in person??? WOW 🙂 you are sooo lucky 😀 i hope so i could come in manila Philippine ^^ hehehe because i am from cebu Philippines hahaha i know that she is extremely absolutely so gorgeous 😀 i love her soooo much hehehe… I HOPE MIN AH GO HERE IN CEBU Philippines hahahaha i want to have min ah’s signature and hoping to have a photo with her hehehehe 😀 i am now losing my mind!!! 😀

  2. but,if we have id ,we can vote lots of times. korean fans fighting!!!!!
    no matter witch country you are from ,plaese ask you own coutry’s mingfan vote for ming.i can’t tolerate ming is no2~~~~~~~~

  3. Phidh
    Thank you very much! Let’s try this program! We will recover and we’ll put the 1º 🙂
    Your English is understood. I speak Spanish, so my English is very basic too! I will put these steps in this post! and also in soompi!

    • please re-write step 4 for me :D. Don’t need close program just click button “Retry” on program it’ll change another ip.then click vote continue 😀

    • hey guys please put the steps clearly ^^ so that many PH fans could understand not only PH fans also min ah fans whole world 😀 thank you 🙂
      i hope i could try this also 🙂

  4. sorry ,maybe china not allow chinese use this soft ,i can’t open this download website ,but i will try my best to find a another soft to help me vote ,so international fans ,fighting!!!!!!
    i already ask my classmates help me vote ,so you can do this too~~~~

  5. guys!!!! please continue voting for min ah as much as you can! i actually download that ultrasoft!! pls vote and vote!!! dont stop voting!!!!

  6. pls dont stop voting for miho!!!! im actually voting for her right now, so pls lets help each other and make her votes higher!!!

  7. i think topic owner should specify the time according to time zone of PH (because most of fans in PH) to gathering everyone and vote. I think crowed better than individual

    • right!!!!!together!!!!we maybe NO2 today,but i want ming be NO1,so we find a time ,then catch up with NO1 ,

    • hi!! is this software can be used only on that poll?? because i tried it to the other poll and it doesn’t work… by using a private browsing you can re-vote min ah too….

      • This is software fake ip can be used for many things. Maybe someone has used all ip of software to vote your other poll so when you use, it doesn’t work

        • ok. i think it doesn’t work in polldaddy…do you know any??

          power vote for SHIN MIN AH! lets do this!

  8. i agree since shin min ah has most fans in PH. PH fans shouls decide a time and start voting together that would be really effective!!!! although im not in PH ill try my best voting for shin min ah….

  9. i have to say ,international managers ,please ,rewrite the title ,our ming is the second place already ,so i afraid this title will let fans vote wrong ,please !!!!!!!

  10. yeah,she’s in 2nd place already..
    go for shin min ah! miho ya,fighting!!:))
    who’s using ultrasurf here in voting,i think it’s effective,
    i’m using it now..:))

  11. today’s voting increase very very strange!!!!our princess increase one ticket ,the’ third one increase one too!!!!i don’t know why ,and what’s important is we vote a whole day and let our ming win her more than 3000tickets ,but after a night ,the third one‘s tickets as the same as our ming’s tickets is ,so so so strange !!!!!!

    • i just voted 🙂 i dont think so if min’ah fans here in PH is voting at the same time because of busy in school hehe, i hope they would not forget to vote 🙂 i think my fellow countrymen they dont understand how to vote i hope they dont lose hope if they are willing to vote for min ah i hope they find ways on how ^^

  12. waaahh what happend? min ah is now no3 please help click some to vote >..< only 1vote is needed to get min ah in 2spot

  13. hahaha dependi ata yon kong hindi na nagbabago ang vote pag click mo ^^ bisaya ka? hehehe mag bisaya nalang ko kapoi tagalog hahaha
    ingon man gud cla na ika isa ra pwede maka vote sa isa ka adlaw 🙂 pero cguro daw kong mag dungan tang tanan mga PH fans ni min ah og vote didto mas effective daw hahaha yey no2 na c min ah ^^

  14. tapos sa kalaban naman mai nag vote din kaya nag increase ang # of votes nila ^^ hehehe everyday ako naka vote hehehe…

  15. guys the votes for Shin Min Ah increased so as the 3rd one… and the votes for the 1st didn’t increased that much… if we only going to vote continuously we can win this…. LETS DO THIS!!! FIGHT!!!

  16. I wish 16000 PH fans vote at the same time. The first one’s fans will be socked, thinking about that is getting laugh

  17. 😀 YESS…… many min ah fans on facebook(PH) dont know yet that there is voting for minah i hope they would know 🙂 and know how to vote ^^ we can do this go min ah to become no1. 😀 i hope someone here in PH is make a plan on when to vote at the same time please anyone??? 🙂 so that our min ah become no1.

  18. please smainternationalfans use your official facebook account to post on ‘shin min ah fan page many PH fans made her a fan page and we really really like her manny filipino fans doesn’t know yet about this site^^ please help us spread this site to earn more votes from PH hehe 😀

  19. PH fans ,i hope as what you say above ,you can vote as the same time 。do you know 2am???their votes are very small,and also they are in the 5th place ,but their fans are very unity,so at now ,they already in the 2th place ,i’m so sad about our ming’s place。our ming have so many fans ,why we not let our princess in the NO1place!!!!!fighting !!!even though the second place star‘s voting is very very very strange ,but i will try my best to let our ming to be NO1,if ming not get NO1 ,i can’t forgive myself !!!!please voting together fans!!!!

  20. also i want to ask “are there any fansclub s for ming in the PH????and ph TV already play 《my gf is a gumiho》????,even though no chinese tv、play 《gumiho》,but ming already earn many fans in china too ,so if there are any tv play gumiho ,our ming will be asia star!!!!!!kkkk ,fighting!!!

  21. YES…. i understand what you mean ^^ many fan page from PH made her, and yes mygirlfriendisagumiho is already showing it here in PH ABS-CBN channel 🙂 many fans from here(PH) want My Girlfriend is a Gumiho season 2 they also made a Facebook fan page of that season 2,but i dont understand that fan page and dont even post to vote for min ah, i only post it for them to know,. tsk. i feel sad… but we hope this coming Monday or what many Filipino will vote at the same time^^

    • @phidh-i already finished download and install but when i click the Hotspot shield launch in my PC it direct to mozilla firefox and it appears ‘Problem loading page’ i keep clicking the ‘try again’ but nothing happends why?why?why?

        • ok i’ll try thanks 🙂 by the way, are you a filipino? because i want to understand it well in our language ^^

        • YES……………….. 😀 🙂 I ALREADY KNOW HOW hahhahaha 😀 thanks so much phidh heheh 🙂

  22. http://www.korea-fans.com/forum/-t-18737-6.html,kkkmaybe this isPH,fansclub for ming in PH,i search a whole day to find ,is this right???so ,fighting~~~,ming is a very low-key star,and afraid strangers very much ,also very shame 。be her fans we should wait a long time then get her news ,so in the no news time ,maybe we are boring ,but love her we should respect her ,respect her life 。also PH,FANS,ming is a not confidence star ,so as a fan we should give her courage,let her know she already so excellent woman is。anyhow ming love her fans so much ,after meet her in BEIJING ,I already know it ,it just she is not a expressive person。many chinese miho fans also want there is a second part for miho ,but maybe it just a dream 。so chinese fans’s dream already change into ming come out in a new drama or movie is ok,kkkkkk。

    • i could’nt find the link, what do you mean by that link? a min ah fans here from PH?? what are you searching for??? so that i could help you^^ yes i respect min ah so much hehe we are just hoping to have a season2 but if that would’nt happend its ok to us ^^ 🙂

  23. i want to use that Another way vote many time for Min Ah but i feel sorry i cannot :(:( please tell me how……..

  24. sabi nila sabay2 daw tayo mag vote sa time zone natin(PH) ano sa tingin nio?para deri’deritso ang pag angat ni min ah sa no1, 😀 what time and date tayo mag vote ng sabay sabay??????

  25. anong oras??? game ako dyan! gumgana nga ung hotspot! go go!! fighting! sana ipaalam nyo s iba pang ph fans ung pagvote kc marami ung unaware?

  26. ou nga gumagana ang hotspot ginagamit ko nga ngayon eh 🙂
    cge GO!!! ano kayang oras?? sana mag view pa ang ibang PH fans ni min ah tsk.para alam nila na anong oras para sabay2 daw tayo 😀 yeheyy….

  27. mamayang 5pm?? hmm.. CGE!!! GO ako jan 😀 pero kong hanggang 12am? hehe di ko ata kaya hehe.. sa Facebook maraming gustong mag vote sana mai mag post sa shin min ah fan page doon.

  28. sna sabay2 lahat laht ng fans ni min ah n magvote! 1hr diff lang naman sa korea eh. tas same time dn sa china..

  29. sana nga nag post na ako sa mga fan page sa Fb ni min ah 🙂 sana e follow lang nila ang instruction kaya yan!!! 😀

  30. hey ,PH fans ,i’m so pride of your fighting spirit,but!!!it’s a unfair voting ,we vote a whole day ,but other star’s fans just vote a night ,then she catch up with us ,even we fall behind her 。it’s so unbelievable thing ,but it’s really happened 。we just try our best are ok,so if ming fall behind ,we can’t sad ,we are the best fans in the world!!!!also ,i think ming will be moved if she saw PH fan‘s spirit 。so tks PH fans。ok ,if possible,give me your fanclub website ,i want to see it ,kkkk

    • thanks 慜娥 😀 hehehe yeah but we dont know if some fans of other stars uses like this also we dont know 🙂
      there is A LOT of fan page on Facebook please try to search ‘shin min ah or i love shin min ah,,my girlfriend is a gumiho,,^^

  31. guys use Hotspot Shield because it really working we need to catch up….
    Still if we lose this Shin Min Ah still have a chance because its voting is 30% only of the whole… hope Min Ah will win this…

  32. yes i agree to ana we should vote at the same time, we can do this to put minah 2nd place 🙂 but we have different time zone,hmm….

    • I’m vietnamese :D. At present I’m busy for college exam so I can’t frequently online to vote for Min Ah. I hope you and everyone can help me vote for Min Ah

  33. If you use ultrasurf and hotspot shield don’t work then just only way I know, that’s reset your modem

  34. owh you are vietnamese 😀 hehehe okay . ahhh its ok we understand as a student especially your a college 🙂 ok we used hotspot shield 😉 to vote more and more

  35. Vote for min ah…hotspot working at this moment..while working I’m voting her…lolz…forgive me sir/mam…

  36. SHIN MIN AH’s votes now is 81,904 😀 and the second spot is 88,166.. OWH! COMMON ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    WE CAN DO THIS TO PUT MIN AH no2 spot or no1 😀 😉
    FIGHTING ! ! ! ! ! !

  37. fighting!!!!!!!!at least NO2!!!!!!!
    i want give you all i have 。
    you just be happy everyday ,and the rest things is our fans‘s!!!!!!
    gogo gogogo voting!!!!!

  38. YES!!!! I WANT MIN AH SSI GO TO NO2!!!!!
    😀 😉 FIGHTING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 😀 when is the end of voting by the way?? 🙂

  39. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I AM NO1 FAN >.< 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 ~HOI-HOI~
    [NEWS] Gumiho Couple’ Lee Seung gi-Shin Min Ah, no.1 female-male celebrity with brilliant mind

    Lee Seung gi and Shin Min Ah has been voted as female/male celebrites with brilliant minds.

    Deo chae food system (www.e25gram.com) that specialized in nuts has conducted a survey from June 27 last month up to July 1 to 241 patients on ‘who’s …the female-male celebrities who has brilliant minds.

    On the survey, the no.1 male celebrity is Lee Seung gi with 108 votes, 53.1%, 2nd is Park Yu Chun with 89 votes, 36.9%, while Lee Byunghun, Jo In Sung, Choi Daniel are also candidates.

    In female Shin Min Ah is the no.1 female actress with Brilliant Min dwith 102 votes 49.7% followed by Kim Tae-hee with 117 votes or 48.5% by a small gap.

    Official said. “Through this survey the public thinks about Lee Seung Gi • Shin Min was able to see their image,”. “In the future please wait for Lee Seung Gi • Shin Min Ah with a pleasant and witty entertainment activities for fans with a good image”

  40. guys the poll will closed tomorrow we need more votes…. i don’t understand why the admin of the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho fan page is not posting about this… it has a 277,448 likers http://www.facebook.com/MyGirlfriendisaGumiho and most of them are active once they post it always gets a thousands of likes… if only the admin will post this Min Ah will probably win this….

  41. yep! I love the song too! It actually brought smile to my face when I heard it..:)
    anyway good job everyone in voting Shin Min Ah, I’m really hope that she wins!!!!

  42. 🙂 high five ! the same feeling as yours ^_^ i love seung gi…
    YEY!! i feel min ah will win this 😀 GO MIN AH ! ♥ 😀

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