Japanese article about Shin Min Ah [UPDATED Brief Translation]

Credit: 엘프민아 from Mina DC , Shaylaman from SMA Soompi Thread

Brief Translation of the Japanese Article

1. Minah was asked if how would she react if she discovers that her lover in real life is a demon. She said although the people surrounding them may be biased against him but he will always be the most special existence to her, and perhaps she will be happy because of that.

2. Minah loves meat and gained weight because she ate too much during filming. To keep her body in shape, she depends on a regular routine and exercise. She was unable to maintain a regular routine and exercised during filming and hence, gaining weight and causing her body to go out of shape. But if the drama receives a well response from the audience, then she feels that she can exercise anytime (to make up for it).

3. Minah thought about what she will do if she’s not an actress. She wants to learn many things and is currently learning english and guitar playing. Discovering new interests is a thing to be happy about.

4. Minah especially hopes that more females would watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. She would be happy if the more of the japanese audiences come to know her through the drama.


Based on chinese translation by mikisama33 from Minah@baidu
Translated by eilasa from soompi

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