‘Shin Min A Official WebSite’ [Photographs] Updated 16/06/2011


민아 IN 싱가포르 2010 (Minah in Singapore 2010)

벌써 일 년도 훌쩍 지나간 사진속에서도
민아 씨만의 사랑스러움과 생기발랄함은 당장 어제 일처럼 느껴지네요:)

Already a year has passed over it even in photos
You only means of minah youthful loveliness, and when I feel now like work yesterday:)


내여자친구는구미호 일본프로모션 인터뷰 중 (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Japan Promotion)  [2011]


English Translation: Google

17 thoughts on “‘Shin Min A Official WebSite’ [Photographs] Updated 16/06/2011

  1. 我们的ming最可爱(our ming is no1 cute of the world)。
    support ming forever!!!!!!!

  2. I noticed that Minah’s website already a lot of the pictures posted just hours ago. Muchas gracias senoritas for being fast and having it available here.

  3. .. hi shin min ah .. you know what your so beautiful .. i hope that we will see each other.. but i know that you are busy to your projects .. hihi ..

    here’s my facebook account lady_zakura15@yahoo.com .. thank you..
    how about you?

    stay cute .. hihi

    i admire you,.. hihi

  4. Shin Min Ah….. I’m your number one fan in the Philippines.
    Hope that you will visit here in the Philippines.
    Many people here like you maybe because the TV show “My girl friend is a Gumiho”
    Hope that will see each other….

    신민아 ….. 저는 필리핀에서 최고의 팬이 랍니다.
    당신이 필리핀에서 이곳을 방문되기를 희망합니다.
    많은 사람들이 여기는 TV 쇼 “내 여자 친구가 Gumiho는”아마 당신이 좋아서
    서로를 볼 수 있기를 바랍니다 ….

    • Never mind for the Korean language..
      I know it’s wrong…..
      Because it’s only a google translation…

  5. Hope that will become friends each other… 🙂
    Even in facebook only, I’ll be happy for that…
    Here is my facebook account: christianestrobo@yahoo.com
    Hope for your response…
    : )
    Your the number one Korean artist…

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