Shin Min Ah and Song Joong Ki for New LG XNOTE P430 CF [BTS Photos & Making CF 1 & 2 ] [UPDATED with Minah’s Interview]


Making CF + Shin Min Ah and Song Joong Ki’s INTERVIEW~ Source: Electotube Youtube Channel


Minah’s message from LGXnote BTS Clip

‘Hello everyone, I am Xnote exclusive model Shin Min Ah. The concept for this CF is a sexy female warrior, a tense atmosphere like in movies. Although I often film new CFs, I feel that its also a novel CF this time, please greatly anticipate it! The next time I have a good work, I will appear with a brand new image to meet everyone. Wishing all good health and happiness.’

based on translation by 只爱兰色的海 from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from soompi

LG X-NOTE P430 CF 20” ~ Source:


Making CF # 2 ~ Source: Electotube Youtube Channel


Making CF # 1 ~ Source: Electotube Youtube Channel



LG PR (via: flickr)


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