Shin Min A’s Official Website has included SMA International Fans blog as one of its links

From now on, SMA international fans blog is part of the links you can find in the official website of Shin min ah.

Desde ahora, ‘SMA international fans blog’ es parte de los links que pueden encontrar en la web oficial de Shin Min Ah.

It’s a great honor to be linked at Shin Min Ah official website.

Es un gran honor que la web oficial de Shin Min Ah haya puesto el link de nuestro blog.

We want to express our happiness with you all international fans that have visited, following and commented in our blog.

Queremos expresar nuestra felicidad con todos ustedes los fans internacionales que nos han visitado, seguido en este tiempo y comentado en nuestro blog.

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Time ago, a SMA fan asked us if Minah have visited our blog and we were thinking that maybe but now we are really happy to say that yes 🙂 and we are sure that Minah has visited our first home too, SOOMPI SMA THREAD.

Dias atrás un SMA fan nos pregunto si es que Minah visitaba nuestro blog, pues hasta ese momento pensábamos que tal vez, pero ahora podemos decir. Con mucha alegría que si!! Y estamos seguras que también ha tenido la oportunidad de visitar nuestro primer hogar donde todo inicio, El foro de SMA en Soompi.Promise you that we will continue doing our best to keep updating our blog and you will see surprises in next weeks :)… Everything to support Minah sshi!!!!

Les prometemos que continuaremos dando lo mejor de nosotras para mantener actualizado nuestro blog, poder traducir al español los artículos -aunque para esto tienen que esperar un tiempito mas que los fans que manejan el inglés, lo sentimos pero no los podemos tener listos tan rápido… Aun no nos olvidamos de la entrevista de Minah que ya la traducción esta casi lista- y pues también prometemos sorpresas en las semanas próximas:)… Todo para seguir apoyando a Minah!

It’s almost 3 months since we launched our blog to you all international fans and we want to say thanks to many people that has helping us in these time – 3 beautiful months since March 3th, with more that 57000 visitors!

Han pasado ya 3 meses desde que inauguramos nuestro blog dedicado a todos ustedes fans internacionales y queremos decir gracias a muchas personas que nos han apoyado mucho en este tiempo, 3 bellos meses desde el 3 de Marzo con mas de -ahora ya son mas de 60 000 visitantes!

Special Thanks to~
Agradecimientos especiales a:

~Kay.z from DC and Minah cafe thanks friend:) you make us and SOOMPI fans very happy because you made one of our dreams come true… Our own Minah autograph.

~Kay.z de DC y Minah Cafe, gracias:) nos hiciste y a muchos fans de SOOMPI muy felices porque volviste uno de nuestros sueños realidad… Nuestro propio autógrafo de Minah.

~Eilasa, Lotluz and Lolabunny from Soompi Thread… We have learning many from you, old-Minah-fans … Thanks for your translations Eilasa we know that you have did a big effort to do it and do a great job! Luz thanks for your so good explanations to us if we have some doubts about our princess:) And Lolabunny thanks for your comments and photos that make us know more about Minah.

~Eilasa, Lotluz y Lolabunny de Soompi… Hemos aprendido mucho de ustedes, fans antiguas de Minah… Gracias por tus traducciones Eilasa, sabemos que haces un gran esfuerzo pero haces un gran trabajo!, Luz gracias por tus buenas explicaciones cuando de dudas acerca de nuestra princesita se trata:) y Lolabunny gracias por tus comentarios y fotos que nos ayudan a conocer mas a Minah.

~Shayla… You will be ever a part of this and since you can’t be in this anymore you were one of the persons who help us to create this fansite… Thanks for everything:)

~Shayla… Tu serás parte de esto siempre, a pesar que ya no estés con nosotras en esto, pues tu fuiste una de las personas que nos ayudo a crear este sitio… Gracias por todo 🙂

~Ilovesnowhite (aka everydei) and Soompi fans… thanks for supporting us 🙂 we are really grateful with you.

~Ilovesnowwhite (aka everydei) y fans de Soompi… Gracias por apoyarnos:) estamos muy agradecidas con ustedes.

~DC  Minah and Tieba.Baidu fans …. thanks for all the compilation of photos and videos^^

~DC Minah y Tieba.Baidu fans… Gracias por su recopilación de fotos y videos^^

Thanks AM ENTERTAINMENT!!! ~Gracias!~~

Thank you all SMA international fans HWAITING!!~Gracias fans internacionales~~

and of course…

Y por supuesto…

THANKS MINAH!!!!… You are the most important here and our princess 🙂

GRACIAS MINAH!!!!… Eres la mas importante aquí y nuestra princesita:)

Saranghae Minah! 🙂

Anace and Lipos


9 thoughts on “Shin Min A’s Official Website has included SMA International Fans blog as one of its links

  1. Hello to every SMA Internationals fans out there. Congratulations! You all have been acknowledged from AM Entertainment as Minah’s International fans. YAY!!

    Aance & Lipos :

    Thank you so much for having me as part of the creator of this blog. I will never forget our times together. I have a lot of memories with you guys especially Anace but we have to detach because we’re going on our own path. No matter what it’s our love for Shin Min Ah is still the same so please continue to help Minah receive more fans. Always remember our goal from when we first opening this blog. I wish this blog will have more visitors and will receive a lot of love from fans.

    Despite, I’m not able to help with you guys with the blog anymore but I’m still SMA International fan (Will Never Change) so I will be visiting this blog often. I hope more fans will be visiting Shin Min Ah thread at Soompi because that is where everything began. Without Shin Min Ah Thread at Soompi I believe it’s very difficult for SMA International Blog to establish.

    Thank you so much Anace and Lipos for making my dream and your dream come true. See you guys in Soompi 🙂

    Shayla (shaylaman)

  2. wow, super good news 🙂
    now i’m visiting this site almost thrice a day just to know more about shin min ah, and i’ll share this to my friends ..
    again more power to this site and especially to our beloved shin min ah 🙂

  3. WOW!! we are all happy to know that minah is visiting her international fans blog ^^ and also linked to her official website.. weeee….. XD hope she reads also our comments, hehe..

  4. i want to thank the same people above plus Anace and Lipos!
    guys you rock! im speechless. this is a great feat. 🙂

    honestly i never in my wildest imagination id ever thought id be here and be her fan. but well. thank you God for bringing me here! it’s really an honor. 🙂

    more power to you girls. Soompi Min A fans, Korean fans, Min a ent. (i really dont know what to say) we’re all in this together! 🙂


  5. Wow! Wonderful! 😡


    All of you deserve this honor for your love and supporting to Mina-ssi!
    From now on, via your blog, all of us and Mina-ssi will be closer and closer (I hope so).

    I also wanna tks for all your updated news and post so that we can be learnt more and more about our princess. 😡

    Wish your site will always develop and attract more viewers all other countries.


  6. KUDOS admins.. =)

    Im in a habit of opening this site at least everyday to look on the latest about SMA.. Iam happy to be a part of SMA international Fans and also for knowing that SMA visit this site also.

    Salamat po sa inyo admins. =)

  7. Wow! That’s a congratulations, I’ve just found out it today, and it is so good to here that, actually I have been brought to this site today by clicking the link in Mina-ssi’s official site.

    I’m happy for you guys, and always keep it up!!!

    FIGHTING!!! ^_^

  8. Hi shin min are great.and for mi your tv series my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox is very best.because first time in my life i cry to a t.v series like my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox.thank you and more power shin min ah.

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