Brief Translation of Fanaccount from SI Fansigning [May 20, 2011]

I was the fifth in the line. When Minah was about to give me an autograph, I asked her if she remember me from before? Minah stared blankly at me then I said that we had a few seconds of eye contact three months ago. Minah said ‘tracksuit’, making me especially excited. I was wearing a tracksuit three months ago. Didn’t expect Minah to have such a good memory and I even shook hands with her.Yo era quinto en la fila. Cuando Minah me iba a dar su autógrafo le pregunte si me recordaba? Minah me miro sin comprenderme, luego le dije que tuvimos unos pocos segundos de contacto visual 3 meses atrás. Minah dijo ‘ropa deportiva’, haciéndome emocionar. Yo estaba usando ropa deportiva 3 meses atrás. No esperaba que Minah tenga tan buena memoria e incluso chocamos las manos.


  • Original account by .미나리 from Mina@DC [source]
  • Based on translation by 旺仔小神叨 from Minah@baidu
  • Translated by eilasa from soompi

3 thoughts on “Brief Translation of Fanaccount from SI Fansigning [May 20, 2011]

  1. Man,, that person is super lucky!! All hands up!! Wish I were in your position that time… I’d probably never wash my hands for a day or two.. =)

  2. does min ah know you’re doing this blog for her? i hope she does, cause you’re doing a great job 🙂 i’m visiting this site almost everyday . i also hope she sees the flag counter where Philippines has the most page views :)) more power to shin min ah and to this blog .

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