16 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Philippines Airing in ABS-CBN

  1. i hope they wont change the names. 🙂 i hope it will be Dae woong and Miho.
    as well as. i read one fan updated on facebook like a month ago? that the dubber is reading the script for episode 1 already. :))

    very excited! ^^

  2. agree.. i also hope that SMA dubber will deliver all the cute expressions well.
    im so excited, finally.. hoi hoi! =)

  3. i really hope that the timeslot for airing this series would be moved to primetime bida. This is actually a worth it korean drama that everyone should watched. Im sure that a lot of viewers will watched this if it will replace green rose or any other film. It will not just let the viewers enjoy the film but it can also help in promoting ABS in the country. It will definitely be a sure hit!

  4. hahah favorite ko talaga ang my gf is a gomiho ang ganda talaga ni Gu Mi Ho
    at ang cute ni Dae woong haayy..

  5. i love Miho and DAe woong…nomunomu nomunomu chua!!!! MGIG is no. 1 hit here in Philippines…Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi can u come here in PI???

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