Shin Min Ah is Jung Woo Sung Ideal Type + Clip

Actor Jung Woo Sung (38 years old) declared Shin Min Ah as his ideal type, attracting the attention of many. Jung Woo Sung, Shin Min Ah, So Ji Sub etc attended the launch for fashion brand Giordano S/S 2011.

When Jung Woo Sung was asked “What kind of woman is your ideal”, he immediately answered “Shin Min Ah”. When he finished speaking, Shin Min Ah who was by his side continued “My ideal man is one who clears the dishes, good at cleaning and one who often smiles at me.” To this, Woo Sung replied “I am this kind of man.” The interview was carried out in a light and happy atmosphere. On that day, Shin Min Ah as a fashion star worn polka dotted stockings which caught the attention of many.

El actor Jung Woo Sung (38 años) declaró que Shin Min Ah es su tipo ideal, llamando la atención de muchos. Jung Woo Sung Shin Min Ah, So Ji Sub, etc asistieron al lanzamiento de la marca de ropa Giordano S / S 2011.

Cuando a Jung Woo Sung se le preguntó “¿Qué clase de mujer es tu ideal”, de inmediato respondió “Shin Min Ah”. Cuando terminó de hablar, Shin Min Ah, que estaba a su lado continuó: “Mi hombre ideal es aquel que lava los platos, es bueno en la limpieza y que a menudo me sonríe”. Para ello, Woo Sung respondió: “Yo soy ese tipo de hombre”. La entrevista se llevó a cabo en un ambiente ameno y feliz. Ese día, Shin Min Ah como una estrella a la moda llevó unas medias de lunares que llamó la atención de muchos.

Source: Sportsseoul
Based on chinese translation by 距离零 from Minah@baidu
English Translated by eilasa (SMA Thread Soompi)

Official Giordano Event Coverage &  Jung Woo Sung Ideal Type

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